VivirLatino is an online publication, featuring news, analysis and opinions about Latino politics and culture created for the Latin@ diasporic community in the U.S. by Latin@s.

This site was publicly launched on October 12, 2005, Día de la Raza (Día de la Hispanidad) by Blogs Media, a Spanish company specializing in nanopublications, blog services and blog consulting. In 2008, publication of the site was taken over by 2 Mujeres Media, a partnership between two of the original editors of the site, Jennifer Woodard Maderazo and Maegan Ortiz. In 2011, Maegan Ortiz took over leadership, connecting it to her longstanding work as an independent mami media maker.

Why a Blog for the Latin@ Disapora in the U.S?

VivirLatino was created for and is written with second and third generation Latinos in the U.S. in mind who, regardless of their country of origin, have shared visions, languages, goals, and struggles that have made them the one of the most dynamic demographic groups in the country.

VivirLatino covers a broad spectrum of Latino life in the U.S. with an editors currently based in Los Angeles California

The editors of VivirLatino contribute a modern Latino vision. With their own unique voices and a touch of Spanglish, the editors claim their own individual identities, while recognizing and reaffirming, without exclusions, the multitude of cultures, aspirations, and dreams that exist within the larger community.

In contrast to the growing trend, this is not about marketing. Rather it is about reflecting developing a collective vision for what Latinidad means in action.

Publisher & Managing Editor

Maegan “la Mamita Mala” Ortiz

Photo%202.jpg Maegan is a Queens born and bred Nuyorican, Los Angeles based, mami media maker. Her work has been featured in the American Prospect, Latina Magazine, Colorlines, The Nation, El Diario La Prensa, The Progressive, make/shift, and Extra!

Other Mentions

The VL team would like to send special thanks to Rebecca Carter, Jennifer Woodrow Madrazo, la Macha, and Bianca Laureano who were all editors at one time and to Gustavo Rojo, Amaury Nora, Marco F. Navarro, Cindy Mosqueda, and Estevan Montemayor who acted as guest editors.  VL is a community effort and we couldn’t have done it without them.

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