Some Quick Thoughts on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Moving from Senate to House

Regular readers have noted how the site isn’t being updated as regularly as it used to. Realistically, full time jobs that pay the bills and feed the kids take precedence. But that isn’t to say that thoughts, commentary and analysis aren’t happening.

It is my sincere hope to write about the recent passing of the Senate Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, especially with an eye to the dangerous role that Latino so called advocacy organizations have played and continue to play in pushing legislation that does not do what they promise it will. I have even cataloged the official statements and press releases of many organizations just prior to and right after the Senate bill passing and I think analyzing those statements will be very revealing.

In the meantime, some of my thoughts have been distilled in an interview I did on Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting’s Counterspin.

Friend and activist media maker Victoria Law wrote a great piece for Bitch magazine’s website about how the pathway to citizenship could end up being a pathway to detention and deportation.

I would love to hear/read your thoughts on the CIR bill currently moving to the house. Is it a necessary compromise? Is it a complete sell out? Is it worth saving or should the push be for legislators to kill the bill and start over?

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