Helping a Dear Friend Recover from Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, my city, where my family and so many of my friends live, I didn’t know what to do with my concern from Los Angeles. And now weeks after, there is still so much devastation and I still don’t know what to do. So I did and continue to do the little I can. I share information, especially for alternatives to the Red Cross who failed so many communities post Katrina in the Gulf Region. It seems that they didn’t do too hot in many areas following Sandy and not surprisingly many of these are poorer communities of color.

But this is more than just talking smack about organizations that you really don’t know what they do with your donations. This is about real people. Real friends of mine. Friends who have had my back and shown my two daughters so much love. This is about amazingly, brilliant friends who work their asses off and still write provocatively, with so much wisdom and truth. Friends who use their voices and their bodies to convey the complexity that is simply being a woman of color.

One of those friends lives, with her lovely mother, in one of the hoods most impacted by Sandy in New York City. She just got power back but still is without heat and hot water. And it’s cold in Queens.

So can we help a sister and her mama out so that they can recover in whatever way they need? Sydette is such a beautiful person. Right before I moved to LA, we saw a movie and broke bread together. Then, like now – she has the amazing ability to make me feel completely at ease and feel a little less out of sorts with all the injustice and ridiculousness of in this world. I want to be able to make her and her mom feel a little less out of sorts after Sandy.

Please consider donating directly to Sydette using the paypal link below.

With Love,


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