From Democracy Now! : U.S. Agent Kills Young Mother of 5 in a Growing Number of Border Deaths

While President Obama has been touting his record and more “boots on the ground” on the Mexico/U.S. Border, left out of the debates and   left out of many discussions on immigration is the impact additional personnel have had to border communities. It makes national news almost instantly when a Border Patrol officer is shot and or killed but the names of those killed by Border Patrol are dragged through the mud, dehumanized and quickly forgotten. See posts we have written about here and here.

Today’s Democracy Now! news program reports on the increasing number of deaths at the U.S/Mexico border by U.S. Border Patrol, including a recent incident where an agent shot and killed Valeria “Munique” Tachiquin, a U.S citizen and young mother of 5 children.

This growing number of border deaths at the hands of U.S Border Patrol agents has prompted the Department of Homeland Security to launch a long-awaited investigation into the agency’s use of force. Democracy Now! speaks with Valeria’s father, Valentin Tachiquin, as well as Christian Ramirez, Director of Southern Border Communities Coalition and Human Rights Director of Alliance San Diego.

Since 2010, border agents have killed at least 18 people, including Tachiquin, who was slain by a Border Patrol agent on September 28 in broad daylight, in a densely populated suburb of San Diego several miles north of California?s border with Mexico. Her family is now bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Border Patrol.

Do you think the Department of Justice investigation will yield any results?

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