VL’s Mala Discussing An African Election Tonight

As regular readers and followers may know, I have been writing for The Nation/Colorlines as a community journalist for their 2012 Voting Rights Watch. I also recently wrote a piece for Politic365 looking at whose vote isn’t being fought for, specifically in people of color communities and asked what does it say about our democracy and what does it say about the voting as a tool of that democracy when not everyone is seen as a valued participant.

Related is the issue of the need to expand our lens, that is look at these issues beyond the United States pov and think about what participation in politics means in different places and how that connects to our experiences – actual and historical.

Tonight, 8 pm EST,  is the public-media premiere of Jarreth Merz’s An African Election on PBS World,  a documentary chronicling the 2008 presidential election in Ghana, which pitted former vice president John Evans Atta Mills against former foreign-affairs minister Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

I will be participating via skype, along with the filmmaker Jarreth Merz, Nigerian-American journalist Dayo Olopade,  and Derrick Ashong in a conversation titled Your Vote 2012 : The African Election immediately before the film, to help make the connection between what is happening here in the United States this election cycle and in cycles before with that bigger picture.

During the broadcast itself, Racialicious will be hosting a live-tweet of the film that you can be a part of.

Check your local listings, and social media with the hashtags #AfricanElection and #AfroPoPTV.

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