FAIR Looks at Where the Latin@s in Media Are and Aren’t

The national media watch group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) just released their latest issue of their monthly magazine Extra!. I think this particular issue will be of interest to VivirLatino readers as it is dedicated it to looking at Latin@s in the media.

Julie Holler, Managing Editor of Extra!, looks at where the Latinos aren’t. She writes in Missing Latino Voices :

While people of color and women have always been underrepresented in U.S. media, Latinos consistently stand out—in the coverage as well as inside the newsroom—for their exceptionally paltry numbers relative to their population size.

And if new media was to be the great brown hope for both Latino media makers and those hoping to see themselves reflected, yours truly begs to differ in Latinos in New Media On the verge of a breakthrough—or breakdown. As a longtime blogger myself, I was excited to get to interview some of my favorite Latinos in new media and ask them what’s going on. In it I write:

Many bloggers, though, note a downward shift over the past five years, in audience numbers and participation, which leaves many wondering: Are new media struggling with corporatization the way traditional media have been? Or have Twitter and the rise of mobile technology killed the Internet star?

Speaking of stars, there is interview in the issue with a Latina who has been working hard representing, Maria Hinojosa. In ‘You Have a Picture; See How Complex It Is?’ Hinojosa tells Janine Jackson :

I felt that from the moment I walked in the doors at NPR in Washington in 1985, that it was me that was opening the door, but that I was carrying this very heavy weight of responsibility. And that was the thing that motivated me, essentially, to be fearless—because I was scared. I was like a fish out of water.

I have been a long time fan of FAIR’s work so it was an honor to write for them and it’s really wonderful to have them look at Latin@s in the media and walk their talk, by having independent media makers provide perspective while looking at the full scope of the successes and challenges Latin@s face in the media.

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