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I just moved from an area with four seasons to an area with seemingly endlessly mild weather and sunny days. With so much sun, and let’s be real city peeps, so much pollution, how do we take care of the largest organ of our bodies, our skin? Not to be alarmist but the Skin Cancer Foundation reports that basal cell carcinoma is the most common skin cancer in Latinos/Hispanics. So how do we show off and celebrate our beautiful skin while taking care of it, without hiding behind makeup?

I’m lucky I guess. I’ve always had “good skin” if you will (such a loaded term for women in general and women of color in particular). What I mean though is that during my teens and during both of my pregnancies, when my hormones were having a party, my skin was pretty chill. I didn’t really struggle with acne. Now as I grow older and officially have hit 35, most media tells me I should worry about wrinkles and spend endless amounts of cash (that I don’t have) to hold back the signs of aging. The truth is that as I get older I actually wear less makeup – most of the time not wearing any at all. I find that as long as I keep my face clean and moisturized I’m good to go. The heaviest makeup I put on my face is a tinted moisturizer with spf. Is it genes? I’d like to think I got it from my mama, who at age 65 has amazing skin without overpowering her looks with makeup.

Neutrogena has a product out, that I haven’t tried, but the company has a good reputation when it comes to skin care products. Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair is a lightweight silky moisturizer that absorbs quickly into skin and is clinically proven to help fade the look of dark spots, and discoloration, delivering fast results and healthier looking skin with minimal irritation and superior aesthetics. Uneven skin tone is a universal skincare issue among women in general – Whether it appears in the form of age spots or environmental damage from the sun. And let’s not forget that protecting our skin from sun rays is not just a summer thing. We must never go out without applying sunscreen or a product containing SPF.

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