Behind the University of Puerto Rico Student Strikes

As Maegan and I get back into the swing of being back in our respective casitas, here’s a new video that came my wan from Al Jazeera English. They have just posted this video which is a “extra” of Fault Lines. Reporter Zeina Awad discusses how police interaction and violence towards Puerto Rican student protestors heightened when there was less traditional media/press present. Awad shares her experiences being present during demonstrations and police tactics in arresting and isolating some student protestors.

After being at the Allied Media Conference and working online for years, the idea that certain institutions, organizations, and governments think that “press” and “media” are only valid in certain ways is laughable. We knew of these abuses the moment they occurred because of “non-traditional” press and media. Perhaps these are reasons why so many of those institutions/governments/organizations are so against an open internet….

The video is below and in English with no transcript (sorry!)

Fault Lines currently has a story about Puerto Rico and the economy that may be of interest as well.

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  1. Puerto Rico remains USA last slavery colony commenweath why should Obama or White/Black America give a dam about our injustices?

    We continue to give our life in American made wars for others to have humans rights and civil rights in White/Black only America. Only we can bring an end to this racial human injustices! YA ES LA HORA!

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