Congressional Hispanic Caucus Asks for S-Comm Moratorium

Let’s face it, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus isn’t known for it’s bravery when it comes to facing the reality of comprehensive immigration reform. When it was clear that CIR was pretty much a dead issue, the CHC refused to rally behind the DREAM Act until the zero hour. Perhaps though, recognizing the error of their ways, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is calling for a moratorium on the “Secure Communities” deportation program due to problems similar to its predecessor, 287(g). The call was made via a letter sent to the White House

From the CHC Letter :

“Evidence reveals not only a striking dissonance between the program’s stated purpose of removing dangerous criminals and it’s actual effect; it also suggests that S-Comm may endager the public, particularly among communities of color…”

The CHC letter comes on the heels of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn opting out of the controversial immigration enforcement program. The program which fingerprints those taken into police custody to be matched against ICE records to find and deport the undocumented is being pushed nationwide as a way to deal with the “bad immigrants”, so-called criminals in our communities. However recent reports show that nationally, 1 in 4 people deported under S-Comm haven’t been convicted of any crime. That ratio jumps to over 50% in Boston and certain areas of California.

ICE Chief Morton was in Springfield today to drive the point home that Illinois cannot withdraw from the program. There has been growing controversy as to if localities can indeed opt-out in in large part to what seems like deception on the part of ICE.

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  2. It has become increasingly frustrating that our government gives us mostly lip service while we continue to vote democratically for politicians that once, have our latino vote, forget how important we were in their election.

  3. Good morning Paul. Thank you for your comment. Maybe it’s long overdue that Latinos stop voting for Democrats just because they are Democrats.

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