White House Response to Senators’ Letter on Deferred Action : Send in the Latina Yes Mujer?

Yesterday, I told you about the letter sent to President Obama, signed by 22 Senators, asking him to stop the deportation of DREAMers and to grant deferred action. In the letter, they lay out very clearly that he has the authority to do it.

The official White House response came via Cecilia Munoz, former Senior Vice President for the Office of Research, Advocacy and Legislation at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and current Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House.

In an interview which aired yesterday on Univision, (this link autoplays in case you are at work), Munoz said that the answer is a legislative one, passing the DREAM Act, and said that there could be a better way to deal with DREAMers cases, but on a one by one basis. Munoz says :

…the President cannot say that he will ignore the law and not apply it for a group of people on a large scale.

Munoz asserts the same position in an interview with Telemundo (autoplay link), that Obama cannot defer the deportations of a whole group of students, but that an option is to do so on a one by one basis.

Cecilia Munoz’s entry into the White House was celebrated as a victory in terms of representation of Latino interests in the White House and in fact her very role, as defined by the White House is “…to ensure America’s citizens and their elected officials have a government that works effectively for them and with them.” So is Munoz right now, by throwing cold water on the efforts of activists, especially DREAMers, to push Obama to use powers that he has to protect the existence of young undocumented people in this country working for and with those DREAMers? Is hers a position of real power or is it rather to serve as a voice repeating a message intended to keep the DREAMers running in circles and running for their very lives?

I’m asking a serious question, to her and those that lauded her place in the White House. Two years in that role, is it time to ask her, what have you done for us lately?

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10 comments on “White House Response to Senators’ Letter on Deferred Action : Send in the Latina Yes Mujer?
  1. Her job is to carry Obama’s water. Sorry, but it won’t work, and if she had any dignity she would resign. Remember, NCLR is funded by corporations.

  2. These illegals who claim they were brought here at a young age and therefore should not be deported and given citizenship, well did just one of them report the illegals who sneeked them into the country. To have knowledge of a crime and not report said crime makes these illegals co-conspiriters, a felony. They are outlaws and law breakers, criminals, who should be deported at once.

  3. So the big question (s) remain:
    1) What is our best strategy from the field on continuing to move this President accountable?
    2) How do we convey the message to the Latin@ base and voters?
    3) How do we not get caught up with internal squabbling and stay on message with issues of immigration, DREAM, administrative relief, etc.?
    4) What is the best strategy for working with those who have joined the administration or the OFA? There will be many from the pro-immigration/DREAMER rights “non-profit industrial complex”, that will be joining this campaign, I am sure.

  4. Then I think that the Dream Act students and the Senators who bravely wrote the letter should schedlue an appointment with the white house and present themselves and presure the president to do the right thing.
    While it is true that The president can not openly violate the law or encourage others to, He has to be reminded the the majority of raids done in the name of the Country’s Security are violative of workers rights.
    And deputized local police are regularly violating people’s rights. Stopping Law abiding citizens, questioning our rights to be here or doing nothing when racists write and tell us to “Go back to where we came from and then threaten us with making life in our own communities umbearable untill we decide to leave.” That is breaking the law.

    The president and DOJ have the ability to put a halt to much if not most of this by standing strong and declaring “war of the real terrorists from within.” Arresting and prosequiting based on hate crimes
    Limiting the “authority granted to deputized local police who work with ICE to only using this so called authority while under the direction of ICE”

    But better Yet is to cease and decist in the use of local police as their presence in ICE raids prevents any Chicano, Mexicano, mMexican American or Centro Americano from ever, holding any trust in their ability to serve or protect in real times of crisis Like whey they are bing attacked by racists, or other voilent offenders say liek the police.

  5. What would you suggest Ruben? I think the powerful fearless voices of immigrants, including the DREAMers have been compelling, pero clearly not compelling enough (even when they risk their own lives). There is the pressure within and from the outside.

  6. There is a meeting scheduled with some lawmakers coming up, Lydia. I am not sure if it is the same lawmakers who signed the letter but I think not. I think it’s people from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

    Hmm I don’t think the president has met with any of the DREAMers though….there’s an idea

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