Maryland Approves DREAM Act

In a vote on Friday, April 8, 2011, the Maryland House of Delegates voted 74 to 66 in favor of the DREAM Act. This will allow undocumented youth who are seeking degrees in community colleges and state schools to receive in-state tuition as long as they graduated from a state school and their families pay taxes unless they are exempt for emergency situations (which right now are unclear to me what is considered an “emergency”).

As an alumna of the University of Maryland and a product of the public school system in the state, this makes me proud, even if just a bit, for representing the state. When I was at UM last week giving a presentation on Demystifying Latina Sexualities (write up forthcoming), three undergraduate students spoke prior to my presentation urging folks who were present to sign in support of the Maryland In-State Tuition Bill.

Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown released the following statement Friday:

“The only way Maryland will continue to thrive is if we embrace all who wish to contribute to our great State. Allowing children of undocumented immigrants who have attended and graduated from Maryland high schools to access an affordable college education will help them give back, both in taxes from higher paying jobs and through service to their community. We have a great deal to gain by embracing new Americans, and I congratulate the House of Delegates for taking this historic step to ensure Maryland remains a land of opportunity for all.”

Listen to coverage from when the DREAM Act passed the state Senate in March 2011.

And might I add, that I find it less than exceptional that the only media coverage of this story for the past 24 hours has been from conservative spaces!

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