ACLU Declares Human Rights Crisis in Puerto Rico

In the United States, the media and the citizenry consuming media is focused on the protests in Wisconsin and the revolutions at work across the Middle East while continuing to turn a blind eye to what is happening in Puerto Rico.

It is too simple to look at the protests at the Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR) and say the student/youth led movement on the island is just about $800. As the American Civil Liberties Union reports, Since the pro-statehood Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuño came into power two years ago, free speech has been under all out assault.

The report, which calls the situation on the U.S. a colony, a “human rights crisis” makes special note of how women have been especially targeted by police for physical and sexual assault.

The report ties the pro-Statehood Fortuño with the ultra-right in the United States, as evidenced by his participation in the recent Conservative Political Action Conference.

The ACLU is looking to file charges on Human Rights violations and other legal options. The question is, that since Puerto Rico is a colony owned by the U.S., where and how will these charges be filed.

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  2. I’d say CPAC consists of far-right and more centrist-right. But these days its hard to tell the difference as to whether being left or right as applied to people in power means anything.

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