Urgent Action Alert : Afro-Colombian Faces Deportation

Late last night I received an urgent appeal asking for help to prevent the deportation of Wilder Peña.

Wilder Peña is currently detained in an immigration detention facility in Batavia, NY and scheduled for deportation to Colombia on February 28. His life was threatened following a massacre of ten persons and the assassination of three members of his family and several of his friends at the hands of illegal armed groups. Unfortunately, due to poor legal representation he was denied asylum. Two appeals, made by the same lawyer, were also denied. Pending deportation to a country where he could potentially be killed, Wilder fled to Canada, leaving his partner and their infant son behind. He was detained at the border and has been in detention ever since.

The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) is collecting names for letters to the United Nations High Committee on Refugees in DC and the local DC congresswoman.

Clicking below will show you the text of the letters.


If you would like to sign the letters in order to help keep Wilder alive and with his familia, please send your name and organizational affiliation (if any) to GSanchez@wola.org


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