Attacks on Immigrant Workers Cross Party Lines

Just last month, I wrote about how I.C.E., a division of the Department of Homeland Security announced that it was stepping up so called “silent raids” or audits of companies suspected of hiring undocumented workers. This announcement, which really was just an official announcement of what I.C.E. has already been doing (besides “loud” raids in communities), certainly can be related to the mass firings and investigations into the employees of faux Mexican chain Chipotle.

Fact : Department of Homeland Security is run by Janet Napolitano, Democrat, appointed by Democrat President Obama. In fact here is what Napolitano had to say about E-Verify on C-Span.

I just wanted to make that fact clear because what we seem to be seeing alot of from the beltway is finger pointing at Republicans for hardline positions on immigration, while Democrats, with an eye towards the 2012 election, pretend to care about immigration, again.

America’s Voice reports that the next hearing of the GOP-led House Immigration Subcommittee, scheduled for tomorrow, is about making E-Verify mandatory for all employers in the United States. AV makes the important point that using such a program would have a devastating impact on the agricultural industry, which relies heavily on immigrant hands.

Our nation’s agriculture industry is already facing a labor crisis, and it is heavily reliant on an existing labor force, which is made up mostly of undocumented immigrants. The Republicans’ vision for E-Verify would gut the entire sector. Imagine – this would mean more food rotting in the fields, driving up prices for American consumers, and outsourcing even more of our food supply and food security. All of which, considering the state of our economy, Americans can’t afford.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that for every on-farm job in America, there are about 3.1 “upstream” and “downstream” jobs in the nation. If you do the math, the movement of U.S. agriculture overseas would lead to increased unemployment for Americans.

And it would mean deporting those undocumented farm workers and putting their family survival in jeopardy.

I mean I get why, from a policy point of view, Dems and those on the left want to use the argument of how deporting “them” is going to hurt “our” jobs, but it still relies on this outsider narrative, which given the video of Napolitano above, the GOP clearly does not have a monopoly on.

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  5. “Food will rot in the fields…”

    Not really. Someone else will pick the vegetables. Before millions of Mexicans were drawn here by union-busting companies Americans somehow managed to get the crops in, clean toilets, mow lawns, wash dishes, etc.

    We’ll manage! But thanks for your concern.

  6. Actually, many of the same people picked the lettuce in the fields. The whole concept of undocumented workers is a recent invention. Historically people wandered back and forth across the Canadian and Mexican borders almost as if they weren’t there. Border control mainly consisted of making sure taxes on imported products were paid.

    It’s not the people and the situation that have changed, it is the name we give them, and how we view them.

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