Tear Gas, Rocks, Rubber Bullets. Egypt? No, in the U.S.

This morning, with good reason, much of the news in the twittersphere is focused on the popular uprisings in Egypt and the government’s harsh response by shutting down the internet, allowing for a mass cover up of violations of human rights. While it is easy to ignore what is happening in Egypt and the state response by dismissing it as something happening in a foreign land, tear gas canisters have also been opening over land currently occupied by the United States.

As we have been writing about, in Puerto Rico protests continue against rising fees in the university system but there are also protests against the violence being used against students and journalist attempting to do their jobs and cover the struggle.

Yesterday about 30 students were arrested during acts of civil disobedience carried out by the colonial Capitol Building. Originally students sought to present a plan whereby the Govt would allocate $50M from a surplus fund, eliminating the need for the $800 fees that sparked this latest round of protests. Riot police said they were forced to use tear gas because some of the hundreds of students that were protesting were throwing rocks.

Of special note in the video above from WAPA TV in Puerto Rico, is the nun who comes out to confront the police shooting tear gas, calling what their actions “disrespectful” and telling them that there are children nearby.

While there is no State blackout on information like what is happening out of Egypt, the fact that the U.S. media continues to not cover this, remains a shining example of colonizer politics at work.

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  2. Disproportionate coverage probably has more to do with the source of the conflict; Puerto Rico: rising tuition. Egypt: rising everything.

    I remember hearing that similar protests were occurring in the UK due to rising tuition. Underneath all the protests recently–UK, Puerto Rico, Tunisis, Egypt, Greece–the common underlying cause is economic. Rising costs due to poor economy caused in the most part by Wall Street and the U.S. government.

  3. Hmm see I disagree. It’s not a matter of disproportionate coverage. It’s a matter of virtually no coverage. Puerto Rico with one of the highest rates of cancer, rising violence, rising poverty oh and all owned by the U.S. The rising tuition and the support of the colonial governor are all products of colonialism.

  4. Non coverage of of civil disobedience and other acts of resistance occurring in Puerto Rico doesn’t surprise me at all.

    The US has always taken Puerto Rico and most of Latin America for granted,not addressing,recognizing or respecting the concerns and needs of the Latin American people.The only time the US has expressed any interest in Latin America is when they have decided to invade or occupy them for attempting to become truly independent,affirm self-determination politically and economically.

    Long considered as “our backyard” by the US empire with it’s racist imperialist “Monroe Doctrines” and “Manifest Destiny” Latin America has been continually and repeatedly raped,pillaged and looted over the centuries by US and European powers.

    Puerto Rico is in reality a de facto colony of the US empire- dominated,exploited and oppressed by the US.

    We should all express solidarity and support our hermanos and hermanas from Puerto Rico in their struggle for full national independence and sovereignty.

    US out of Puerto Rico!
    Puerto Rico must be free!

  5. Thank you, VivirLatino, for providing information and links to video when no US media seems to notice this happening. It’s just a reminder that when the colonies are out of mind the colonial power can rest easy.

  6. Hola Kevin and thank you for visiting and commenting. Honestly, for me, there is not other choice than to put it out there. It is a matter of survival, healing and growth. I cannot let the colonial power rest easy nir rest easy myself

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