Protests and Arrests Continue at the University of Puerto Rico

Yesterday marked the second day of coordinated civil disobedience at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras as part of a strike that protests an $800 fee that some say is aimed at making the constitutional protected right to education in Puerto Rico a privilege.

Video from the first day of civil disobedience where at least 50 people were arrested. In one scene it looks as if about five police officers pile on top of one protester in order to arrest him. In the background you can hear a woman saying, “Ya, you have him already,” so that police will get off his back.

*****Please note that the videos do show police roughly arresting some and could be triggering*****

Some of the chants you will hear below, the second day of protest, include “Who is that you hear? The students leading the struggle” (It rhymes in Spanish). “Struggle Yes. Giving Up No”. The young woman in the blue shirt yells that those are arresting her, the police, are accomplices of an administration that wants to limit access to public education and she asks them, “How are you going to look at your children when they cannot enter the university”.

This is a struggle that has been going on for months with very little coverage in the U.S. media even though Puerto Rico is a colony of the U.S. I ask again, were this happening at a university in Indiana, would it be so ignored?

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