Virtual Border Fence With Mexico Cancelled

Yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the so-called “Virtual Fence” along the U.S. Mexico border was being squashed. Since the idea was born, the 28 mile stretch of the border armed with heat sensors, radar, cameras and 9 towers to detect immigrants crossing into the U.S. just southwest of Tuscon, Arizona has been plagued with problems, the largest being it’s huge cost with no proof of effectiveness.

When the first portion of the fence was ready to go live in 2005, the cost was estimated at $20 million.

Then in February, 2008 the fence was put on hold and another $65 million was paid to Boeing to fix software problems. The final estimated cost so far, with 53 miles of the Arizona border having been “protected” with SBInet technology, is nearly $1 billion.

DHS will continue to use other methods to insure border security, including the use of drones and of course good old fashioned man power, like that used to kill Ramses Barron Torres.

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