Legal Battles Begin Around Arizona’s HB2281

Just like part of the push back against Arizona’s SB1070 includes legal wrangling, so does the fight against HB2281, which bans Ethnic Studies in the state.

Arizona State Attorney General, Tom Horne, started the year by claiming that the Tucson Unified School District is out of compliance with HB2281 because of a Mexican-American study course, If found out of compliance and do not cut the course within a 60 day period, TUSD could lose 10 percent in state funding, an estimated $15 million.

TUSD has some options. The first is a hearing to prove that they are in compliance with HB2281. Additionally 11 teachers are filing a lawsuit claiming HB2281 violates the first and fourteenth amendments.

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    “We’ve profiled the important pieces of history that classes like Tuscon’s ethnic studies programs bring to students. And for many of Arizona’s Latino students, learning about their heritage seems to motivate them to work harder in the future. While only 24 percent of the nation’s Latino students go on to college, 80 percent of students who take Tucson’s ethnic studies program do, said Tuscon’s director of Mexican American studies, Sean Arce.”

  3. Minority and progressive white kids in Arizona’s public schools system-
    we support you! keep up the protest!

    this HB2281 outrage calls for more sit-ins,protests,walkouts.

    I would even suggest militant in-class challenges to american history,social studies and civics classes.

    Challenge the whitewashed version of american history,challenge those stinking racist history text books they make you read!

    Learn Chicano Mexican history….by learning those things you will also learn the REAL american history-the genocide of the native Americans,the trans-atlantic slave trade which kidnapped millions of black people from Africa to work as slaves here in the USA.The ripping off and outright theft of half of Mexico’s territory.Expose The racist imperialist history of the USA warring on, exploiting and oppressing third world countries beginning in the Americas..Mexico,the Caribbean..central and south America…the Philippines,Vietnam, Iraq,Afghanistan..

    By challenging you will be freeing yourself,learning REAL american history..getting a REAL education..

  4. A real education isn’t just learning about the oppressive history of the US government. They need to learn about their own history in the Americas, which predates the arrival of anybody from Europe. What their own indigenous ancestors created–their arts, philosphy, science, etc

    They also need to learn about the Founding Fathers and not just that they were slave owners. They need to read Jefferson, Paine, and learn the poliitcal philosophy behind all men are created equal.

    Just learning that you’re an oppressed person doesn’t do anything to help you change it. Notice that the most successful minorities are the ones who actually know their own history–Jews, Cubans, Asians.

  5. One more thing. I really think that our histry has been stripped from us. Chicano Studies classes only focus on the last 150 years, and unless they have changed, they mostly focus on the things you named. And much of this Latino identity is focused on the last 500 years, and insists on giving us an identity that most of us do not identify with, but that we go along with for political purposes. The reality is that our ancestors go back thousands of years on this continent, but that history has been erased.

    My sister visited the Museum of the American Indian in wash DC and she told me that most of the exhibits focus on the indigenous people of Mexico, Central and South America. Yet we are cut off from that history, our own history.

    They are going to create a Latino Musem in Wash DC, and I wish they wouldn’t. I don’t identify with that, and I don’t want my history distorted.

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