Organizations File Injunction Against ICE Over Secure Communities

One of the most dangerous immigration enforcement programs in the United States is the Secure Communities program. It is dangerous because of its rapid spreading across the country like a virus. It is dangerous because it was expanded under an administration that promised Latino voters change and keeps promising while increasing detentions and deportations. It is dangerous because the master plan is to implement it throughout the country. It is dangerous because the U.S is hiding information and spreading disinformation.

Because of this, late last month, the National Day Laborer Organization Network (NDLON), the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic of Cardozo Law filed an injunction in federal court to require the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to turn over critical documents on the ability for communities to opt-out of the “Secure Communities”.

From the press release announcing the legal action :

So far, at least, San Francisco and Santa Clara, California, and Arlington, Virginia, have formally requested to opt-out of S-Comm. The emergency injunction is being filed before those municipalities who have voted to opt-out are scheduled to meet with ICE in early November. The lack of information and mixed messages from the agency, however, is causing confusion, leaving local law enforcement frustrated about an issue that groups say is undermining community safety. The injunction specifically seeks to prevent ICE from withholding documents on the “opt-out” policy to allow local communities to have the information necessary to make determination regarding the S-Comm program. The documents requested should have already been turned over Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law suit filed last April, which ICE has only partially complied with.

According to advocates who have reviewed the initial S-Comm documents from the FOIA case, they reveal a pattern of dishonesty. Information about the nascent program has been scarce, and the development of operational details has been shrouded in secrecy. S-Comm, which currently operates in approximately 600 jurisdictions across the country, functions like the controversial 287(g) program and Arizona’s SB1070, making state and local police central to the enforcement of federal immigration law. The program automatically runs fingerprints through immigration databases for all people arrested and targets them for detention and deportation even if their criminal charges are minor, eventually dismissed, or the result of an unlawful arrest.

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11 comments on “Organizations File Injunction Against ICE Over Secure Communities
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  2. I think what you also need to mention is that Americans citizens might inadvertently be deported, which has already happened in some cases.

  3. No, but Hillary would have been better. Actually, if McCain hadn’t picked Palin as a running mate, and had instead picked somebody normal, he might have passed immigration reform, or at least made an attempt. After all, the GOP passed it last time.

    I knew Obama was lying, and I knew that he wouldn’t even bring it up for a vote. He doesn’t care about Hispanics, gays, or women. He doesn’t care about the catastrophe in the Gulf either. He cares about himself.

  4. I know, 287g is soo bad because it turns cops into immigration officials who can make arests based on immigration. So the Obama administration comes up with Secure Communities, which means the immigration only gets checked in an arrest. Of course, you can look up someone’s criminal history, but god forbid you look up the possibility they are here illegally WHILE THEY ARE BEING BOOKED FOR SOMETHING ELSE

  5. VL writes-

    “It is dangerous because it was expanded under an administration that promised Latino voters change and keeps promising while increasing detentions and deportations.”

    You are absolutely right! “Dangerous” is the right word.

    And a little reminder-dangerous venom comes from dangerous snakes.

    Yet we latinos get hysterical,faint at rallies,cry and throw kisses at the “snake-in-chief” who executes the”dangerous” policies of Secure Communities and 287g.

    Who as chief executive of the nation has succeeded in deporting Mexicanos in record skyrocketing numbers,hunting them down in mass raids like animals with an Obama guanatamo “rendition” style imprisoning of Mexicanos in american ” “Gulags” of secret hidden dangerous private prisons,stripping them of their human dignity and rights which amounts to a type of torture,separating Mexicanos from their families thereby crushing the families,applying terrorizing laws and tactics taken directly from tyrannical Patriot Act I & II ,Homeland Security,Secure Communities and 287g.

    But I guess that’s ok with Latinos.They love their kool-aid.

    I’ll name names:
    the administration -the Democratic party
    The president-Democratic party president Obama.
    The party and it’s structure-the DNC,elected and appointed Democrats.

    Latinos have been successfully lured onto the Democratic party plantation.

    President Obama and his minions Harry Reid,Jerry Brown,Nancy Pelosi and others will not and cannot change a damn thing! All they are are a different crew re-arranging the deck chairs onboard the USS Titanic hours before it sinks.

    The only thing different will be more soft reassuring smooth conning Rhetoric broadcast to Latinos…telling them lovingly..

    “Don’t worry Latinos,we will take care of you..
    Just drink your kool-aid every day,vote for the Democratic party,don’t complain,smile and be happy..”

    Too many Latinos are on the plantation hooked on hope and change flavored kool-aid.

    Latinos can only change things by doing it themselves-actually joining with other Latinos in activist organizations and groups who are willing to protest -demanding change, ..not begging..demanding.

    This is the most effective way for making real change..not just voting.If voting could really change things,you can bet the ruling class of america would get rid of it in a heartbeat.

    The two-party con-game between tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee is not a real choice.It’s madness.

    you can vote all you want between the Democrats
    and the GOP over and over again and the only thing you’ll ever get will be more rhetoric and promises of hope and change.That’s all youre going to get…more lies,more deception…just words..”just speeches”..

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