DHS’s Napolitano Admits There is No Opt Out for Secure Communities and Shows Off New Deportation Numbers

Yesterday, I wrote about how I understood why some Latinos may sit this election out, especially in the face of increasing immigrant enforcement policies while candidates pay lip service to change and reform on the campaign trail.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton held a press conference yesterday that revealed more information about the deportation numbers under the Obama administration and the truth about Secure Communities.

During that announcement, which was livestreamed, according to America’s Voice, ICE announced 392,000 deportations last yr. 195k “criminal.” Which would make 197k non-criminal deported. Napolitano, on the record, stated that it is not possible for localities to opt out of “secure communities” program , contradicting earlier statements indicating that localities could opt-out.

From the official DHS Press Release:

In fiscal year 2010, ICE set a record for overall removals of illegal aliens, with more than 392,000 removals nationwide. Half of those removed—more than 195,000—were convicted criminals. The fiscal year 2010 statistics represent increases of more than 23,000 removals overall and 81,000 criminal removals compared to fiscal year 2008—a more than 70 percent increase in removal of criminal aliens from the previous administration.

DHS has also expanded the Secure Communities initiative—which uses biometric information and services to identify and remove criminal aliens in state prisons and local jails—from 14 jurisdictions in 2008 to more than 660 today, including all jurisdictions along the Southwest border. DHS is on track to expand this program to all law enforcement jurisdictions nationwide by 2013.

So while Dems ask for Latino votes, these are the policies they are helping to fund.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network released the following statement :

“Broken immigration laws should not be multiplied. In an effort to score political points, Obama Administration immigration enforcement initiatives have imperiled community safety, separated families, eroded hard-earned civil rights protections, and created a domestic human rights crisis. This administration can not continue to have it both ways: it can not simply blame Congress for inaction while ramping up enforcement of unjust status quo laws. It is a travesty that Secretary Napolitano continues to use her home state of Arizona as a blueprint for DHS policy.”

I have not heard/read anything from any of the other organizations or Dems who are campaigning hard for our votes.

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  3. I do understand people’s frustration about the immigration situation and why it may prompt some to not vote. However, I do think that we may be doing ourselves a disservice by not voting at all when there are other issues down the ballot that impact us (school board elections, sheriff elections — we could very well put another Arpaio in office, etc). There are some dire races in some states and local districts that could mean the difference in the lives of children, etc.

    Why not vote third party or write in on the federal level and continue to vote down the ballot on issues where you have a greater chance of making an impact?

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