DREAM Act & Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Not Moving Forward as Part of Defense Bill

After an emotional buildup for many towards the 2:30 pm EST hour yesterday, when the U.S. Senate voted, 56-43, against a motion to proceed on the National Defense Authorization Act. This shut down the possibility of the DREAM Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell being presented as amendments to the Defense bill. All Republican senators voted against cloture and two Democrats, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, both of Arkansas.

Up to the moment of the vote, I watched U.S. Senators, all white old men, talk about gays in the military. Republican Senators like John McCain danced around their homophobia by saying they didn’t want to add DADT because the military hadn’t had a chance to do polling about the impact on combat readiness if there were out lgbt folks in the armed forces. Other Republicans looked at the DREAM Act in one of two ways : a ploy by Senate Majority Harry Reid to get the Latino vote and/or a version of “amnesty” for some undocumented.

Despite my expressed concerns about the DREAM Act and it’s attachment to a military bill, it was my knowledge of the many young people fighting to legalize their status, that had me upset after the Senate vote yesterday. I can’t imagine the moment of heartbreak after so much work, struggle y corazon, after putting their freedom on the line and at times their health and well being.

Pero as with comprehensive immigration reform, and all other struggles, a vote in the legislature, a bill, a law is not what will bring about justice. It is not the end all and be all in the lives of freedom fighters. In fact, quite the opposite. It needs to be utilized , yes but as past of a larger strategy to move pa’lante.

There is a push now to have the DREAM Act presented as a stand-alone bill by Harry Reid. Whether he will do it or not, especially whether he will do it before elections in November is about what/who he fears more. Does he fear the Latino vote not turning out for him because he didn’t do all he could do? Or does he fear Republicans who will cry “amnesty” and see young brown people in pursuit of their own future as a threat?

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7 comments on “DREAM Act & Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Not Moving Forward as Part of Defense Bill
  1. The day after the DREAM act ..
    Nada? ..again…?..CIR Nada..DREAM act..Nada…

    Hopefully,this time some Latinos will begin asking themselves ..why Nada?..again?
    Let me guess…the democrats blame the republicans and the republicans blame the democrats,the Latinos blame the Gays..and the beat goes on..and on..and on..
    Not to go religious on us,but only to illustrate using a well known allegory,at least the Israelites had Moses to lead them out Pharaoh’s slavery,through the desert and across the red sea to freedom..smart leadership..
    We Latinos have a bunch of fools,cowards and fine third rate minds leading us around in circles in the desert taking us to a dry,hot,dusty,place called “Nada”..
    Latino leaders are like lousy doctors who are too stupid and unprofessional to diagnose and cure illness..all they can tell their patients to do is..”take two tylenols and drink plenty of liquid and everything will be ok”..and ..”vote and vote again and everything will be ok”..
    Many current Latino leadership in politics,the media,culture,the arts stifle,choke and smother Latino advancement in part by ignoring,censoring,shutting out alternative Latino political voices and ideas because they really after all want to preserve the status quo,they want to guard their own Huesos (bones),don’t want any one else encroaching on their lucrative territory,rock their comfortable boats..establishment Latino leaders are like cannibals who grow fat by eating the flesh and drinking the blood of their own kind..
    They have become part of the problem..not the solution..
    until Latinos see them for the misleaders,fools and deceivers that they truly are,turn away from them,stop listening to them..they will continue to live in perpetuity a state of frustration,confusion,failure and disappointment..in other words..they will continue to get Nada!
    Let us not be under the illusion that change and advancement will come easy for Latinos..
    because in fact bringing about real change and advancement for Latinos will be like climbing Mt.Everest in a snowstorm..and an avalanche!
    But I’m sure Latino leaders would just tell bewildered Latino climbers all they need to do is vote on getting up there and everything will be ok!

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  3. Yeah,that’s right..the “blame game”..and nothing ever gets done..

    Obama,the Democrats and the DNC lied to Latinos during the primaries when they “promised” to make CIR their number one priority if elected.
    What happened?
    ..instead they put all their resources and energies behind Obamacare tossing CIR into political purgatory..
    The Latino leadership had their one big chance to push through CIR and they blew it completely due to their incompetence and cowardice.
    Remeber the top Latino leaders “swearing” vehemently that Latinos would never support Obamacare unless the democrats and Obama made the same committment and effort to get behind CIR..
    what happened?
    Obama and Rahm Emmanuel invited Latinos over to the white house and let them take a little jive ass tour and hosted a dinner serving tacos and tequila,meeting with the Latino caucus.The Latinos folded like a cheap suit and right after their little white house fiesta ended they came at a carefully orchestrtated press conference and announced they would “after all”..get behind Obamacare.Sheer cowardice and lack of principles!
    Now in the last few days in the news we once again hear the same empty vociferous threats from the “man who keeps crying wolf” Luis Gutierrez who swears this time Latinos will punish the political establishment by urging latinos to sit out this November’s elections if the DREAM act is shoved into the pit..
    Can you just hear him shouting at the top of his lungs..”wolf,wolf,wolf”..or even better “Lobo,Lobo,Lobo”..
    Obama and the democrats could have pushed through CIR one way or another if they would have exerted the same effort, dedication and resolve as they did with Obamacare.
    Lest we not forget,Obama and the democrats are in power and they are in control of many levers of power and government..they could push through CIR one way or another..but they won’t..
    Now we’ve just witnessed Harry Reids little “Hail Mary” fiasco come to naught..he and the democratic leaders knew damn well that the Dream act would be shot down in congress,they knew it,but in order to save their asses this November they pulled yet another cynical “con” on gullible desperate Latinos to get them out this November to rescue their butts..
    …Now they pay attention to Latinos..right?

    I don’t have any sympathy at all for the Democrats or the Latino leadership..
    They betrayed Latinos and now Latinos will suffer even more because of the Democratic party,Obama,Latino leadership treachery,incompetence and cowardice..
    They can all kiss my fine brown ass..I sure in the hell ain’t gonna vote for them this Novemvber..

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