Anchor Babies Ahoy!

I touched upon some of my own personal issues with birthright citizenship, and how from a colonial perspective it’s complicated but today I wanted to post this clip and look at how so many white men are discussing the GOP calls to take back the 14th amendment and how women of color, women like me and so many of my hermanas and vecinas, are being talked about instead of talked with or listened to. How our wombs are worded as weapons of mass destruction and our beautiful babies as objects stuck into the earth to keep us here. This dehumanization of some Latina mujeres cuerpos (because let’s keep it real, not all mujer Latina cuerpos can/will have babies pero they still are mujer Latina bodies) and the life that comes from those bodies is what allows hate crimes to go unpunished, what allows the separation of mother from child to be ok, and what allows violence against immigrant mujeres to be ignored.

Even in this space, haters have come and sought information about my and my children, calling them anchor babies. And the point is not what their status is or what my status is (although I have been clear about that) but that this comes down to where ethnicity and gender meet. That now Latina mujer = anchor baby factory.
What I worry about, as this rhetoric keeps building, is what about the babies, the children. How can we guarantee their safety? We have already seen that they don’t care about our hijos.

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  3. a little Latino humor ..”Hey white would like a nice “anchor” dropped on your head ?” :)
    white men seem to have the nasty habit of assuming that the world belongs to them and that all people of color must submit,obey and pay tribute to their rule..
    some wealthy white men (the ruling class) are tolerant of brown women and their so-called “anchor babies” in the sense that the latter can be exploited-used for cheap labor,big profits….and through using racism and xenophobia.. give less to their less wealthier white brothers and sisters..
    many of the less wealthier white men and women absolutely hate brown women and their “anchor babies” because they represent competition -a potential threat to their self-perceived racial superiority and tenuous privileged position in society…(Tea party,Minutemen,Republicans etc etc..)
    either way brown women and their babies are exploited workers and oppressed human horses,beasts of burden to be used as a commodity and after they are used up or are no longer useful or a liability thrown away into the American trash can..(taking back the 14th amendment)..
    the question is asked in the post..”What I worry about, as this rhetoric keeps building, is what about the babies, the children. How can we guarantee their safety? “…
    My outlook on this question is that first of all brown people need to understand clearly who is exploiting and oppressing them,and,how they are being exploited and oppressed..we can call it education,enlightenment,epiphany,what’s happening,que pasa..whatever..
    I truly believe that once an oppressed person understands clearly in their head what’s coming down,who is causing, and what is the reality of their pain and suffering in life they at that point will know exactly what needs to be done..
    Such knowledge and consciousness is what the ruling class fears and hates the most,and they will do everything within their powers to keep the people blind,dumb and distracted.. (TV,entertainment,sports,materialism,wars,racism,xenophobia ..etc etc..)
    Part of our salvation,(and I really mean salvation in the true sense of the word) as people of color will come from the internet and blogs such as Vivir Latino where we get alternative ideas,news and points of views in contrast to the bullshit controlled manipulated corporate whores of the main stream media MSM,or if you like..main stream mentirosos..
    I think this blog answers itself in respect to the question posed ..”what about the babies, the children. How can we guarantee their safety? …

  4. It’s funny to me that the whole anchor baby argument is framed only around people of color. To me, this is about ethnicity and color. So it’s okay for Hispanic Americans to come here, work for low wages, be abused on the job, chased around and harassed by police and then told they’re the reason the economy is bad. Oh, but now they want rights! They want things like citizenship! Oh no!!! *cue the quaking intolerant conservative right wing bloc as they scramble for cover* They could always use the excuse that “These people aren’t citizens,” to deny things like healthcare and police protection. But now, with children being born on American soil, they would have to actually acknowledge the deep seated resentment many Americans have towards immigrants of color (Cuz let’s be honest here, if Scandinavians were moving here in droves, no one would care). This is sad. To me, the 14th amendment represents the triumph of the many people who fought and died to try and create a more unified, inclusive nation.

  5. @Keke
    my great -grand mother had “anchor babies” but wait, she was from Germany thus she is a a real American! To make a long story short she was married off to some German American guy. he had American Citizenship and had her children quickly( o.k this was the 1900s but still. The logic of the GOP never fails to surprise and disgust me, but wait if one is not born in the U.S was make us American? A citizenship test? Cuz let me tell you I will ace that test(along with other immigrants) but I bet the GOP and FOx news will fail that test, thus they will be kicked out of OUR America.

  6. Chicano Future Tense : flattery will get you everywhere :). En serio mil gracias. Yes in many ways I hope that my granitos de arena in this world will help pero I am also expressing a real fear as a mami.

    And yes keke and lady morgue, immigration has been racialized as brown. Throw in some misogyny in there and Anchor Babies away!!!

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  10. The anchor baby discussion is not about race at all. It is about who should get citizenship. Of course the world wants to become American citizens. But just because a country chooses not to have open borders and open citizenship does not mean it is racist.

  11. Hola Lisa,

    So you don’t think the conversation would be different and framed differently if let’s say the focus were on the Northern Border as opposed to the Southern border?

    I also don’t know if wanting legal status us the same thing as wanting citizenship or wanting to have a job to feed your family is the same thing as wanting citizenship.

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