Leaked DHS Memo on Administrative CIR a Right Wing Attack or a Way to Save Face?

With the right-wing blogosphere crying “Oh Noes Amnesty”!”, late last night a memo was leaked from the Department of Homeland Security revealing that the White House is at the very least considering “Administrative Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.

I hate giving the NRO traffic (full disclosure, I went to high school with the online editor there), the 11 page document looks at ways outside of the legislative process to provide relief for some of the millions of undocumented in the U.S.

From the memo:

This memorandum offers administrative relief options to promote family unity, foster economic growth, achieve significant process improvements, and reduce the threat of removal for certain individuals present in the United States without authorization…

The right is calling the memo, which lays out possibilities like allowing some with Temporary Protective Status (TPS) to make the move to permanent residents and expanding the use of the “extreme hardship standard” to apply to allow spouses and children of permanent residents to remain in the U.S. without fear of being separated from their families, amnesty, when in reality, it reads like an administration at attempting to make some effort to keep true to it’s promises and respond to the overwhelming sentiment in the U.S. that something needs to change with the way immigrant familias are treated.

The memo, which is not dated, refers specifically to the DREAM Act as a way to promote the targeted use of “deferred action”, which according to the Department of Homeland Security is a minimal humanitarian status that they can give to a portion of the undocumented population.

The release of this memo, attributed to Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa according to Pro-Publica, is certainly suspect given that portions of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law SB1070 went into effect yesterday and can be seen as a right wing pushback against the injunction temporarily stopping parts of the law from being implemented. Everyone should be clear though, that this memo, is far from comprehensive immigration reform (and therefore not “amnesty”) but rather perhaps, in the face of falling poll numbers, an attempt by the administration to save some face with the Latino voters. This memo does not protect the overwhelming majority of undocumented and it promotes the use of criminalizing programs such as “Secure Communities”. This memo also goes against what Obama said in his recent speech on immigration, where he strongly stated that administrative relief goes against the rule of law.

A ver where this path leads.

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  2. Tthis kind of action would be a very good idea for the administration and for taxpayers, instead of spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars rounding up and deporting hard-working families who contribute to our economic and food security.

    Senate and Congressional leaders should look for paths to get hard working undocumented migrants into the system and out of the shadows. To get them from working illegally to working legally, and streamline the system so workers can come here with proper documentation, not via smugglers and human traffickers, in the future.

    Being that Congressional reform efforts have been mired in ugly partisan gridlock, Administrative fixes to immigration would be a much-needed and welcome development, however unlikely they are to come to fruition.

    Lastly providing immigrants relief under TPS and the DreamACT is hardly tantamount to “Amnesty” the National Review along with the Right Wing is clearly trying to stir the pot and attempting to instill fear in Americans. What we all need is to think clearly and rationally and work together to solve the complex issues of immigration, not taking action and continually sweeping the problem under the rugs is not a solution, it only exacerbates the problem.

  3. First off, I’m African American so it’ll be a little difficult to play the racist smear against me as Hispanics love to do against anyone who dares support the enforcement of American law against law-breaking foreigners, as ALL illegal aliens are.

    As for this memo, it doesn’t surprise me as the Left, led by Obama, is determined to reward illegal aliens for their law-breaking so they’ll eventually vote Democrat and give the Left permanent political power. It’s all about POWER, not humanitarianism, reuniting families, and all that stuff.

    And here’s a question I’ve long wanted to ask a Hispanic person. Why do Hispanics stubbornly refuse to hold illegal aliens accountable for their freely chosen decision to break American law, and instead insist that they’re victims? This only makes Hispanics look like enemies of American sovereignty and American law. And it looks like you’re putting racial loyalty above national loyalty. Let me inform you: your ethnic kin south of the border are NOT entitled to break American law simply because of their race!

    And just so you know, I feel the same way about Black illegal aliens. If I had my way all illegals would be deported, including the Black ones. No one who comes to American illegally is welcome. No one who comes to America illegally has a right to be here just because they may pick a few lettuce or clean some toilets. “We come here to work!” one of the favorite chants of arrogant illegals, does NOT justify breaking the law! When are Hispanics going to understand that opposition to illegal aliens is about protecting American law and sovereignty, and the meaning of American citizenship, not about racism. When are you going to get that through your heads?

    And last of all, illegals chose of their own free will to leave all or some of their families behind. Therefore, it’s not the obligation of the American government to reunite them. If illegals wanted to remain close to their families they should’ve stayed in their home countries where their families are.

  4. @Seane-Anna

    Thank you! for stressing the fact that your Black…and therefore somehow, in your mind, not a racist. Oh…and also for showing us just how compassionate you really are.

    I think you stumbled upon the wrong site. It’s not my place to say, “Go Away!” but…Go Away!

  5. Just as I expected, Tony. NO answer to my question because you don’t have one, at least not one you can give without betraying your own brown supremacism, i.e., the idea that being Latino means you can break whatever law you want with impunity. Well, the law is color blind! That’s what equality REALLY means, that NO ONE is cut any slack just because of their race. If you want to call that heartless then you have a problem with equality. I don’t. I said in my first comment that I have no problem with Black illegal aliens getting their just desserts right along with all the other illegals. And I meant that. Deport them all, the Black ones included. An American of any color is my brother; a Black illegal alien is not. My loyalty is to my country, not my race. Too bad you haven’t progressed to that point, Tony.

  6. Loving a “thing”, i.e. my COUNTRY, over loving just my race is progress, La Macha, because it shows that I’ve moved passed a narrow obsession with my race and am willing to embrace ANY person of ANY color as my fellow American. You’re not. You’re only concerned with one segment of the human population, the segment that looks like you. You don’t give a damn about the rule of law when that rule negatively affects people of your race. I’m glad you asked your question, La Macha, because it shows that you, like Tony and most other Hispanic supporters of illegal immigration, are the real racists here. You believe that Latinos are entitled to break American law just because of their race. That’s the real motivation behind your opposition to Arizona’s law and any other effort to enforce American immigration laws. YOU are the racists! Just admit it!

  7. And La Macha, how does it devalue people to hold them accountable for their FREELY CHOSEN illegal actions? Do you have a problem with white law-breakers paying the price for their actions? If not, why do you have a problem with brown law-breakers paying the price for THEIR illegal actions? If you believe in equality you have to support using the SAME standard for EVERYONE. No one gets a pass just because of their color. That’s what equality means. If you want it to mean something else, that’s your problem, because the majority of Americans aren’t with you.

  8. Seane–a country is a thing. It is a concept, an ideology, an idea–it’s not a human being. Since you asked what my thoughts are about immigration–I actually take a relatively human rights driven approach. I am less concerned with “breaking the law” and more concerned about treating human beings with human dignity. Because I am Latin@, I do focus a lot of my work on Latin@ centered aspects of immigration–but when I see a person suffering, whether it is a “criminal” teen ager imprisoned for life for armed robbery or a pregnant mother being dragged across the ground by French police–I want that suffering to stop. But rather than thinking people are “entitled to break the law,” I work to find the root causes of major problems like teen violence or immigration, and focus most of my energy on eliminating that cause. But these are big problems we’re dealing with here, problems that are historical and have taken in some cases, over 500 years to create. SO I don’t think anything I do to fix root problems will accomplish much in my life time–so while I work on those root causes, I also do little things, like make people aware of injustices against humanity.

    Anyway. I hope that clarifies for you where I stand.

  9. I guess I would question whether migration/immigration is something that is freely chosen. why do you believe that migration/immigration is freely chosen? Would *you* leave your home tomorrow just for the hell of it?

  10. La Macha, immigrating is always freely chosen, except in those cases where people are forced out of their country by things like ethnic cleansing or political persecution. Beyond that, yes, immigrating is a choice, one that MOST poor people in poor countries DON’T make. Most poor people in poor countries stay where they are. Sure, lack of money to immigrate is an impediment, but I suspect that most Third World people–or any people, for that matter–don’t immigrate simply because they love their homeland, their culture, their families, and want to stay with them. So, again, I say, yes, immigrating is a choice, one that most people don’t make.

    And thanks for admitting your disrespect for the rule of law, something I’ve always suspected was fairly rampant in the Hispanic community, at least on the illegal alien issue. As I’ve said before, you and other illegal alien supporting Hispanics, don’t believe in the rule of law when it impedes anything a Latino wants to do. Your root problem, La Macha, seems to be your adherence to a corrupt “morality” which says that the “underprivileged”, i.e. anyone not white, are not responsible for their illegal, immoral, or irresponsible behavior. It’s whitey’s fault. No, it’s not. It’s Pedro’s fault if Pedro breaks into America like a thief in the night and then suffers the consequences. He has no one to blame but himself. A million foreigners manage to enter America LEGALLY every year, so those who enter ILLEGALLY are without excuse. Period. Brown skin is NOT a get-out-of-jail-free card. Deal with it!

  11. wow, seane. thank you very much for demonstrating your ability to “am willing to embrace ANY person of ANY color as my fellow American.” i feel very loved as a fellow american.

    anyway. unless you tone down your rhetoric from this point forth, you are banned.
    thank you.

  12. I don’t know how anybody can talk about immigration without discussing the role of NAFTA and the War on Drugs. Mexicans are being pushed off their land by US corporations that move to Mexico and pollute the soil and groundwater. NAFTA essentially lets corproations do whatever they want in the name of profits.

    Do you think people want to leave their homes and their families to risk their lives to come here? Thousands of Mexicans have died crossing the Arizona desert. This is a massive human rights issue.

    This issue will never be solved unless people demand the repeal of NAFTA and the War on Drugs. Furthermore, Mexicans need to take back their own country and tell the globalists that they need to find another source of cheap labor. Why is this issue of reforming Mexico never brought up?

    And why do you think that a black person can’t be racist? Give me break. Nobody is automatically morally superior because of skin color or because their ancestors were slaves. Anybody can be racist.

    One more thing. It is not a crime to cross the border without documentation, so enough with the BS that these people are “criminals” because they’re not. That’s just more right wing propaganda.

  13. Had I been paying more close attention instead of god forbid, sleeping, working and taking care of my children, I would have deleted the offensive comment asap. Pero, given that it has gone on here are my two sense and what in my humble but experienced opinion, are facts that are sorely missing from Seane- Anna’s point of view.

    Framing this as a National issue, i.e that the U.S. needs to be protected is a flawed place to start from. It is the same place that white natonalists and neo-Nazi’s start from, organizations and groups that gladly would exterminate all people of color. The fact that they are expoiting issues of the economy etc to play divide and conquer among people cannot be ignored.

    As a Puerto Rican, I come from a unique place. My family, born citizens on their occupied island came here to the U.S because they were forced to, by economics and colonial policy. This is not and has never been “my country” so that rule of law and defending our borders argument falls flat as the U.S. exploits borders to it’s own benefit.

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