Today the Border Becomes Less Safe…

…but not in the way the media or anti-immigrant organizations and individuals would have you believe. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer claims that SB1070 will make the state safer. Today, SB1070 goes into effect, putting the freedom of Latinos and those who look “Latino” or “illegal” at risk. Despite the fact that SB1070′s precursor, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s use of 287(g), saw an increase in crime in Maricopa County.

Additionally, in just a few days, those 1,200 National Guard troops that President Obama ordered to la Frontera will be deployed. Over 500 of those will be in Arizona.

The partial injunction still allows it to be a crime to be “harboring or transporting” an undocumented portion. So if you’re driving your browner prima down the road, ten cuidado.

The partial injunction still creates a criminal charge for “stopping a motor vehicle to pick up day laborers and for day laborers to get in a motor vehicle if it impedes the normal movement of traffic” And you know how those day laborers ALWAYS stop traffic. Remember Oyster Bay?

Stay safe gente.

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  2. The rising crime rate post-287(g) and the Oyster Bay FAIL were both news to me. Oyster Bay reminded me of how police used unrelated charges in the late-60s to target the gay Grennwich village community, including a gender-specific dresscode. These bullshit charges eventually led to large ‘sweeps’ where plainclothes police would attempt to entrap gays, both closeted and out. Slippery slope…

  3. Hola Tom! Good to “see” you here.

    The Oyster Bay stuff has been happening for years, as soon as, surprise surprise, the demographic there started to change. Those changes churned up laws and hate crimes with the police colluding, of course.

    The analogy of course if perfectly fitting especially if look back at the ways the codes in the village were used against brown folks. I mean even now, in NYC the NYPD targets the piers where so many young queer brown folk chill and work.

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