And the World Cup Winner is……


In what felt like the longest World Cup final match ever, Spain won the World Cup over Holland in overtime, 1-0.

In what felt like a a yellow card throwdown between the two teams, Spain dominated the Jabulani but still couldn’t get a goal in until the second 15 minute overtime set. I have to say , I was especially impressed with the Spanish goalkeeper Casillas, who was catching balls and flying through the air making sure that Holland didn’t get one in the net.

I know in downtown Manhattan, every Spaniard and wannabe Spaniard was in the streets celebrating so I can’t even imagine what the scene was like in Spain.

Pulpo Paul’s prediction was correct. La Madre Patria for the win.

Images y Video Via / Peace FM Online

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5 comments on “And the World Cup Winner is……
  1. On the flip side of it, this was la Madre Patria’s first WC championship, as opposed to Argentina and Uruguay already having won it, though those countries didn’t get the brunt of the Spanish genocide.

  2. @ Sanina
    Well, can we eat it?
    I’m O.k with killing animals if it is for food. Plus I’m a pretty good cook.

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