M/others, Mamaz and Community Care-Givers Unite Through Truth-Telling at the AMC

There were many reasons for my attending the Allied Media Conference, including to see dear friends but I also went to help present, specifically this workshop:

M/others, Mamaz and Community Care-Givers Unite Through Truth-Telling!
Presenters: Rachel Caballero, La Semilla Childcare Collective; China Martens; Future Generation & Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind; Kidz Space; Katina Parker, New Orleans Labor of Love; Maegan “la Mamita Mala” Ortiz, VivirLatino/la Mamita Mala
Facilitator: tk karakashian tunchez, To tell You the Truth/New Mythos Project
TRACK: INCITE! / To Tell You the Truth
M/others (self-identified single, teen and welfare mamaz), mamaz and community caregivers around the country are telling their truths through zines, blogs, printed media, performance work etc, and using this process of truth-telling to create stronger selves, families and communities. In this 3-part, interactive workshop, we will share practical skills and organizing models, then strategize on how we can support each other year-round through a national network of mamaz and community caregivers. Come share your questions and your knowledge with us!

This session will take place in three one hour parts. Part one is a knowledge fair, showcasing the many incredible projects in the room. Part two is a skill share, giving you a chance to learn some specific truth-telling and organizing techniques, including: zine-making, social media, on-the-go-video-how-to, blogging 101, and building a radical childcare collective. Part three is a strategy session for all us m/other, mamaz & community cargegivers in the room to think, dream, strategize, and envision specific ways we can work together over the next year. We will explore questions like; What do we bring to the tables as mamaz? What support do we need? How can we fortify our national community and our families? How can alternative media-making further our movements and transformations?

This session prioritizes the participation of mothers and community care-givers of color, but is open to all.

The session started with TK Karakashian Tunchez, of To tell You the Truth/New Mythos Project introducing the audience to the session, how we got here, who we are are, and what we will be doing; basically laying the foundation.

Zinester mama and radical community caregiver, China Martens of
The Future Generation & Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind, talks about her start as a radical mama zinster and the struggles of meeting the page as a poor mama.

Rachel Caballlero Naomi Caballero from La Semilla Childcare Collective in Austin talk about how they hooked up with radical mamis in Austin needing childcare and turned into so much more. I seriously fell in love with these fierce ass hermanas who made me want to visit Austin.

And finally, Katina Parker, from New Orleans Labor of Love spoke about being a mama and grandmother and finally helping to start a childcare collective that takes cares of the needs of the entire community (P.S., the sound is really low on this recording so I recommend listening with headphones if you can).

I spoke as well about my own experiences as a mujer y mami that brought me to this place here at VivirLatino and other places as well, pero I sure as hell couldn’t film myself.

Soon, I will follow up with a post containing the second part of the workshop.

In the meantime how does the notion of mothering/caregiving feed and nurture the work you do? Do you think about the space created (or not) for m/others and caregivers?

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  1. This is great. Thanks for putting these up! Since I couldn’t make Detroit this year, I’m super-psyched to be able to hear and see some of the workshop!

  2. Hola Vikki! Oh I’m so glad you are finding them helpful. I will be putting up more as much as my own children grant me the time to do so :). Abrazos a ti y a tu hija!

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