Border Patrol Plays Target Practice with Teenager

Yesterday I wrote how the homicide of Antonio Hernandez Rojas at the hands of U.S. Border Patrol agents was just the beginning based on how the Obama administration has chosen to go about immigration reform, that is by further militarizing the border with Mexico. I didn’t expect for my prediction to come true so quickly, especially not with the life of a teenager.

Yesterday U.S. Border Patrol shot and killed Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca (some reports say he was 14, some say 15) in Texas. U.S. Border Patrol is defending it’s actions, saying that the boy was part of a group that was trying to cross the border into the U.S. without papers. Border Patrol is also saying the group that the boy was with was throwing rocks at their men. Naturally, the proper response to someone throwing rocks at you is to shoot and kill them, especially if they are Mexican.

There have been reports that Sergio was just playing near the border when he was shot, another report I read said that he was visiting a relative who lived in el Norte. Regardless of why Sergio was on the border, regardless of if he had rocks in his hands or not, there is not justification for this. Where is Obama now? Now that he has ordered sending National Guard troops to the border when already this year, which is not even half way over, the number of injuries and deaths on the border at the hands of Border Patrol is higher than it has been in the previous two years. Where are his promises of reform and change? Seems like they are being buried along with the bodies of our children.

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9 comments on “Border Patrol Plays Target Practice with Teenager
  1. “Target Practice” Wow, that’s how you want to get readers, by sensationalizing your article. Of course a rock could never hurt anyone. So called “journalists” like you make me sick. This is almost as bad as Rueters cropping out a knife from the hand of the attackers on the Gaza flotilla boat and only showing the Israeli soldier on the ground bleeding. As if the people on the boat did nothing wrong.

  2. I would like to know where your outrage was over the murder of Robert Krentz, it is sad the people are dying on the border. The one sided view that you have is sicking.

  3. Although it seems likely to have been committed by someone in the country illegally, the tragic murder of Robert Krentz is unsolved. The murder of the teenager, and the death a few weeks ago that was ruled murder, were both done by officers of the law (in some way shape or form…I forget what their actual titles were).

    Murders by non officials, unfortunately, happen every day. Murders by someone in a position of power usually involve either an abuse of that power or a lack of training.

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  5. WHY THE HELL WOULD THE “NATURALLY” and “PROPER” THING TO DO IS SHOOT SOMEONE THROWING ROCKS AT YOU!? ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE MEXICAN???!!! You are one f**ked up person! No one should respond with shooting a gun at someone who is throwing rocks. And if you didn’t see the news this U. S. “officer” was on Mexican land! He was the person with an illegal status in this situation…and he murdered a child! Someone with his whole future ahead of him! Whether he was or wasn’t trying to jump the fence at the end he ended up trying to run and was shot in the head and killed!

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