Anastasio Hernandez Rojas Death on the Border a Taste of What More Militarization Brings

Immigration reform, or the lack thereof, has many faces now. One is the faces of the students starving in front of Senator Charles Schumer’s office . Another face is that of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, a Mexican who was killed by U.S. Border Patrol using a baton and a Taser, last week.

Hernandez Roja was killed while being deported. Officers claim that he had become combative and were required to use force against him (hmmmm where have we heard that claim before). The San Diego Medical Examiner’s report listed the cause of death as heart attack, with methamphetamine abuse and high blood pressure listed as contributing factors. Border Patrol abuse is not apparently a contributing factor.

Witnesses on both the U.S. and Mexican side of the border have stated that they saw officers kicking and beating Hernandez Rojas.
Mexican Federal Deputy Norma Leticia Salazar reacted to the death at the border:

“This type of conduct, as well as anti-immigrant legislation such as the Arizona law (SB 1070), promote attitudes that result in physical attacks against vulnerable people”, said the federal deputy, “Such actions will not be tolerated by Mexican legislators”, she emphasized.

Given President Obama’s recent decision to send National Guard troops to the U.S. Mexico border instead of signing a moratorium on deportations and raids until there is comprehensive immigration reform, we can probably expect more Hernandez Rojas and more excuses.

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80 comments on “Anastasio Hernandez Rojas Death on the Border a Taste of What More Militarization Brings
  1. I bet you guys nobody here writing comments against latinos is NATIVE INDIAN, the Do have the right to kick everybody out of that country, even caucausian!

  2. Anastasio had been handcuffed and lead to the border for repatriation (a term meaning ‘politely sent home’ — which I question the ignorance of, since he had obviously committed Felonious re-entry after being deported recently). When he was released from bondage he immediately turned on and attacked the two officers processing him.

    They in turn used other than lethal force to protect themselves and subdue the criminal (if the term criminal in that context seems inappropriate to you, then I will gladly point out that it is you who is being hypocritical)

    The perp was subdued by use of a taser. That was a perfectly warranted use of force given the circumstances, but the complicating factor was that the perp was also a drug abuser and clearly had methamphetamine in his system (which weakens the heart considerably).

    Summarily, as the extenuating circumstances are not clear to any of us yet:

    An illegal border crosser was apprehended and taken into custody. His repatriation was determined and acted on. After being released from an otherwise felonious and prosecutable detention, the perpetrator became violent and attacked two officers, wrestling them both to the ground.
    That is clearly justification for the officers to subdue the perp using other than lethal force. They cannot be held accountable for the perpetrator’s choices, including the use of methamphetamine.

    Case closed –

  3. And what about that video?? where the poor guy is begging for help because the two abusive officers where still abusing him when Anastasio wasnt acting violent anymore?? NO, nobody deserves to die like that, only God can take away life from a person, not some officers who dont even know how to do their job, and thats more than obvious, why?? because thats the only way they can react and defend themselves, because you are soo not gonna tell me that two officers cant control one guy, and I bet you is wasnt only two, witnesses say there were more than two! I mean, two against one??? and the two were afraid of one thats why they decided to do what they did?? excuse me but NO

  4. just what we need in america arianna, another meth user. excuse me but i think its obvious you are not listening here. once the handcuffs are removed it doesnt matter how much you begged for help before hand, if you attack the officers. besides that addicts on meth are not easy to handle. ive worked with them in the medical profession and yes……….even had to call a cop or 2 to use the zap gun gun because they would not play nice.

  5. Wow Psyllicon I am impre ssed… with your eloquent explanation, fact is when does “self Defence” cross thin line of defence to just beating the shit out of a MoFO??? lets say your in bar ok??? you decide to pick a fight with two guys bigger than you ok?? They procede to pound your ass like an LAPD ossifer on a gang banger… Question is: Do they have right to beat you to death or should they stop, once you say you give up????? No confundas el querer con las ganas de cagar IDIOTA!!! FACT is under the “self defence” clause: racist AHOLES abuse the existance plausible threat to beat a BLACK OR BROWN OR INJUN (as you lads are so fond of saying) down… It seems always the non white people are the ones that pose the greatest threat to “civil servants”… I’m for self defence dont get me wrong but when is enough??? Racist ready to shoot neantherthals dont know when to stop… Answer the quetion before you “close the case” ok????

  6. Exactly what Mr. Rene Perez said and if they knew how to do their job, they would of stopped beating him up when he gave upbecause the way he was acting means “I give up” the bunch of officers are those type of persons that have the mind of a serial killer like most officrs I said “most” because Im sure there are still out there real officers that love what they do and they do it to save people! and for love to the country.

  7. a quien corresponda(sobre la hipocrecia) no puedes comparar la frontera de Mexico y Guatemala con la de Mexico y EU en la fronteera del sur hay guerrilleros, traficantes, y delicuentes que muy a menudo cargan armas largas osea ametralladoras ok…. es selva no es una linea divisoria como la del norte donde se pasean en camionetas con aire acondicionado papas ????

  8. the bottom line is simple. dont try to cross the border without going across the designated border post AND make sure you got a visa. sorry but standing on the line like homer simpson going “look im in america, look iim in mexico” will get you shot.
    and I am about 25% american indian. 50% russian, 25% mud dog.. when i eat with my indian grandmother i talk about how our lands have been stolen. but i dont believe it. every nation is built on the ruins of another great nation. its life.

  9. ok, so let me see if I got you… dont try to cross the border without papers because officers that dont know how to do their job, are gonna torture you instead of just bringing you back to Mexico… is that your point?? thats the bottom line?? Those officers acted like DOGS, have you seen Pit bulls when they are fighting another dog??? they cant stop! just like thos officers they enjoy beating up people, they only go after people trying to cross the border but why dont they go after NARCOS?? beacause NARCOS have guns too they ARE gonna shoot back, that poor guy couldnt defend himself “YANO SEÑORES; PORFAVOR; AYUDENME; CON ESO NO, CON ESO NO, PORFAVOR!! do you know what that menas??? no?? well it menas I GIVE UP!!!!!

  10. pushkin… Have you even seen the video??? The BP Agent jumps off the bike and pulls his piece out just like that… I thought “ossifers were “suppossed to Exhaust all venues before unholstering their weapons…. but thats just me ok… the border Jumpers (cause they were) were fleeing back to Mexico not “attacking” the NAZI… Your russian right??? How would feel if the East German Border Guards shot at you while your trying to into GDR… Because the way your saying things… its ok for our lwas enforcement to bahave like the Gestapo, like I said before when minorities are “shot” it was because the poor ossifers had “exhausted” all options but now its on tape how that RACIST NEANTHERTHAL pulls his piece out without warning.Oh and also your not supposed to shoot into another country even if your “threathened” ok? ask any GRINGO who helps guard the border between South and North Korea how well it would seat if he shot a North Koraen (chinaman) on the North Korean side… by the way homer simpson would NOT be shot He’s WHITe so fat chance there, DASVYDANIA!

  11. I live in Ensenada, I have gringo papers, and still live overhere in Mexico, right now thanks to God I havent need anything from U.S.A, Im not saying Im not gonna need anything one day, what I do is visit my mom in Downey California very often and after I saw this video everytime I cross the border and see those unproffessional people “doing their job” I feel like, spitting on their faces, I dont do that to animals, but animals are more worth than those “officers”

  12. Gracias Arianna. I know for me, what of the most critical parts of the tape of what happened to Sergio (que en pas descansa) was listening to the women in the background, mujeres who live and witness the daily injustices that happen on the border.

  13. Muchas Gracias (Maegan La Mala) por tus comentarios como Arianna podra afirmar… Nuestro pais (Mexico) podra tener muchos defectos pero no tan cruel historial de xenofobia como en Norte America… Soy del Barrrio de Ferrocarril (Arriva EL TRAQUE!!) Aqui en Norte tenemos un refran o dicho (Al PAN, PAN y AL VINO, VINO) si tienen “ellos” razon en unos pocos de puntos mucha de nuestra gente muere abandonada en el desierto por los polleros (los gueros les llaman coyotes) o son violadas y asesinadas en ese punto no se enfocan… se enfocan en que venimos a robar les trabajos, abusar del welfare, a cometer crimenes y no es cierto… si anda gente mala entre toda la buena pero como pueblo no tenemos la culpa de todos sus males… venimos a EU a buscar el sueno que es muy dificil de obtener en Mexico a alcanzar el sueno que los gueros han alcanzado…. Pero a travez de su historia la gente de color negra, cafe, y roja han sido victimas de sus abusos y violencia… Ha sido el modus operandi del pueblo anglo sajon desde que se bajaron del Mayflower… I have BA from one of the universities in AZ with a minor in history as well as the education I brought from Mexico all I want is fair chance to build a future where the gov. is my ally not my persecutor Saludos!!!

  14. Saludos a Ensenada tengo desde que tenia Seis anios que no visito B.C. y no veo la bofadora y acaba de anotar un Gol BRazileiros!!! Y de donde sea ud. companera Maegan La Mala saludos tambien GOL GOL

  15. Those of you born here in America yet seem to claim loyalty need to realize what side you are on and choose to side with your country (America), or move your asses to Mexico where you think it’s so great. It appears all of your arguments are favoritist racism and your loyalties lie to your race and not your nation. It disgusts me that we have Americans of Mexican heritage that go around bad mouthing their own country. You traitorous racist scumbags should move to Mexico and see just how wonderful this place is that you are defending. then, I’ll see you back here in a week.

  16. Ray: I’m proud of you. you managed to write a comment directly addressing a post we at VL put together within the course of about two hours! Congratulations! You shall not be deleted this once, just because your timing is so perfect!

  17. Sorry to disagree with Ray lad… I was born here (USA) but here is the funny thing… In Mexico I’ve never been called NIGGER, GREASER, WETBACK, KIKE, GUIDO, WOP, GOOK, or SLOPE and don’t let me forget an oldie but “goodie” INJUN and REDSKIN… So before you call us traitorous, recists, scumbags get your facts straight. We are here to have what the Gueros have: Free and prosperous country. Becuase I pay taxes HERE!! I VOTE HERE cause this is where I live. Believe it or not, you Ignorant Bastard; I have no poltical power in my ancestral home because I’m considered a GRINGO or foreign national… A famous black comedian said ” in America if you’re WHITE the sky is the limit , if you’re black, brown red, yellow, the limit is the sky” It is my right to bitch and moan… as well as yours but if you’re one those oreo cookies Know this! NEVER NEVER WILL THEY (GUEROS) SEE YOU AS AN EQUAL. THEY TOLERATE YOU BUT THAT IS IT. Your part of the “love it or leave it” crowd that hides behind the flag and be a an idiot that accepts the way things are , than stand up and say Why cant I eat from the pie/cake that CHAd, brad, wilbur is eating; if indeed we are all “equal americans”. But not insensitive to your racist ignorance Ray.. I propose this: I will help you kick out every effing Mexican we come across when you accept to get you IGNORANT ASS out into those fields and pick the crops, pick up the trash, work in costruction labor, and clean those dirty hotel rooms, mow those lawns, trim those hedges. Ok ray wil you and I become a team RAY for AMERICA RAY??????????????

  18. This message goes out to Ray after reading numerous posts i just want to share my opinion and point of view. I am an American Citizen my parents are immigrants they just became legal after 23 years. I thank my parents everyday for crossing the mexican border ILLEGALLY(they are Guatemalan) my mother at the time was pregnant with my older brother. And if it wasn’t for my parents i wouldn’t be a independant,strong,hispanic woman that grew up in princeton,nj. working hard and studying to get a degree in nursing. After seeing the video from the 14 year old boy that was shot and killed just disgusted me and i’m embarrassed to even consider myself an American. You can clearly see that the boys that were throwing rocks at the officer were a distance away no threat what so ever the video does not lie, open your eyes. I understand the officers are trained and their weapond never leaves their side.(My brother is an ex-marine) So i do get that…but come on… i feel like officers now a days think they are God. That they are superior just because they have a gun or because they work for the government. Yes are nation is the USA but our culture our background. The blood of our parents are Hispanics. And when someone asks me what nationality i am. I proudly say GUATEMALAN not guatemalan-AMERICAN. I am proud of my heritage. And if it takes 20 men to hold down 1 person after they are pleading for their life then call me crazy. Seeing that man being beaten to death, i see my father and it hurts…….

  19. Im not saying committing a crime is right. It is wrong to cross the border illegal but there a certain ways to handel a situation and having 20 man ganging up on 1 is not one of them. These people that cross the border are already scared they know they are risking their life for a better life for themselves and their children.

  20. You should come and visit more often Rene Perez Ensenadaa es muy bonito y tenemos mucha gente decente aun y nos encantaria tenerte de visita. Quiero dejar claro, como dicen por ahi arriba, que en una semana estaria de regreso en Estados Unidos pero da la casualidad que ya tengo en Mexico mas de 10 aNios de haber regresado de Estados Unidos y no he querido regresar, y ahora menos con tanto racismo que hay. Gracias a Dios soy Licenciada en Educacion pretendiendo formar personas de bien, con valores aun tengo una vision y un suenio y me encantaria que el pais fuera diferente para que no haya nececidad de brincar la frontera, todo sea por mi pais, aun vivo en Mexico porque prefiero hacer algo por mi pais, en vez de hacerlo por un pais que realmemnte no lo necesita tanto como Mexico.

  21. Kennia, mil gracias for sharing your personal family story and how yes for so many immigrant families seeing the horrible images feels like it could be one of us that this happened to.

  22. Kennia, Bendito sea Dios que aprovechaste los frutos del trabajo y sacrificio de tus padres… Y mas que un hermano tuoy haiga ofrecido servicio militar por un pais que talvez no sea de el… Muchos hispanos que son residentes legales pero no cuidadanos los reclutan con falsas promesas de cuidadania y no les cumplen aun asi que ven combate por el pais que no es de ellos Felicidades… Tienes razon en ningun momento de ven las “pierdras lanzadas contra los agentes”

  23. Muchas gracias por la invitacion a ensenada uno de estos dia que me desocupe de tanta chamba me doy una vuelta por sus terrenos… Lo que dice el Compa este no tiene sentido uno no cruza la frontera para pelear con los gueros o robarles si no a buscar el futuro que se nos dificulta en Mexico espero poder tramitir la doble cuidadania pronto… Mis abuelos tambien son maestros en Mexico y parece que herede el puesto… ellos ya se jubilaron pero tengo dos tias maestras y (burro al ultimo) que nos dedicamos a la vocacion… Saludos!!!

  24. Maegan la Mala is there any word from any of the cases (San Diego) and (Juarez) I heard amnesty international would be involved in the Juarez case, because technically it is an “international incident” a member of a U.S. agency shot a minor from “friendly” country in that “friendly” country’s territory…. Like a canadian (mounted police) shooting an american on the Detroit side of the bridge

  25. One more question Maegan: Is it true that the gov’s official position is that they’re calling the Juarez incident a ” fair shooting”? even though the agent shot into Mexico and at no time during the Video “evidence” he (the shooter) or any other agents are “dodging rocks” thrown at them…

  26. Y otra pregunta…. La familia de Anastasio (qepd) prersento una demanda contra el los agentes del govierno? porque segun esto el dictamen del medico forense de San Diego estaba clasificado como homicidio… haiga traido o no substancias ilegales en su sangre???? El era un senor/muchacho que tenia 18 anios trabajando aqui en USA haciendo los trabajos me imagino que los Norte Americanos son demasiado orgullosos y “buenos” para hacer… que Dios lo tenga en La Gloria.

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