Que Que? Fox News to Start a Latino News Site?

How do you say “no comprendo” in racist.

I’ve read at least three reports on how Fox News is launching a Latino website called “Fox News Latino”.

“About a third of the country is going to be of Latino heritage by 2050 and we thought it was time to launch a site with more of a focus,” said Michael Clemente, Fox News’ senior vice president of news editorial.

I’m not stressing this becoming competition for VivirLatino pero que en carajo does Fox News know about Latinos? Since when has Fox News ever been fair or respectful of the Latino community? Y que? Ahora they well talk shit about us in Spanish or Spanglish or will they use this as more proof of how much Republicans really love Latinos, well certain Latinos, good Latinos? My guess is that Fox Latino will also feature Latino vendecomunidades who will say how much they are against “amnesty”, etc.

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  2. Great! Fox is NOT racist any more than CNN hates white guys who work for a living. This is free enterprise at its best three cheers for FOX.

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