DREAM Activists Held by ICE after Sit-In in McCain’s Arizona Office Released

A little bit of good news coming out of Arizona, the three undocumented DREAM activists, arrested and subsequently detained by I.C.E following a sit-in in Senator John McCain’s Arizona office have been released. Mohammad Abdollahi of Michigan, Yahaira Carrillo of Kansas, and Lizbeth Mateo of California were issued a field released supervision by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). They are facing federal charges of trespassing as well as deportation.

From Change.org:

“We are relieved to be released from ICE, however our hearts go out to all of the DREAM beneficiaries we met while we were being detained, all of whom would likely be deported because they do not have the same support that we do. We ask that leaders within both the Senate and our communities take the same stand we did and push for the DREAM Act to become a reality this year,” said Mohammad.

Upon release, Yahaira stated “We decided to own our power and make our voices heard. While we are glad to be out, remember that this action was not and is not about us as individuals. It is imperative for all to continue to push the DREAM Act, to work like we’ve never worked before and make this a reality this summer. We’ve surpassed the days of sitting idly by while others make decisions for us, while others tell us to wait. We cannot wait. Waiting is no longer a option. The DREAM Act must pass and it must pass now.”

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4 comments on “DREAM Activists Held by ICE after Sit-In in McCain’s Arizona Office Released
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  2. There are no options – these people have chosen to not only remain in the United States illegally, but to make their presence and status common knowledge. Selective enforcement of the law is unconstitutional, and they have now been ‘apprehended’ – of our legal system MUST process them for deportation.

    Although I can respect the fortitude they displayed in making this mistake, I cannot respect a person that chooses to break the law and take advantage of people who would otherwise be supportive of their circumstances. The fact that they have and continue to break the law and continue to burden our society only abrogates the resolve many of us might otherwise have in attempting to help them.

    DREAM it or not, you are a criminal.

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