Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar

I was looking for stuff yesterday to post about International Transgender Day of Visibility, and I came across this really upsetting devastating news. Another Latina, Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, was found more than likely murdered in her own home.

“We found her on her bed. She was naked,” said Barbara Vega, 35, of Bushwick, Brooklyn. “Everything in the apartment was destroyed. All her Marilyn Monroe pictures were destroyed.”

Police said the medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Vega, who believes Gonzalez-Andujar was slain, said she had tried in vain to reach her friend since spending time with her on Friday.

“She never had any problems with anybody. She was full of life,” she said. “We need to know who did this to her.”

When I was finished reading this post, all I could do was turn off the computer and go to bed. Is it so much to ask that on just one day of the year, we surf around looking for positive stories about one of our own and NOT find death and murder and violence?

Amanda was clearly a much loved person–I am so sorry to all of her family and loved ones who are experiencing such sorrow.

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  1. I have been reading some local coverage about Amanda, who lived in Queens, actually a short bus ride from my mom’s and the juxtaposition of how her life (and death) are being written about is so sad and angering. The local papers have made zero effort to respect Amanda’s identity (ie using the wrong pronouns) and the hateful comments made by people, strangers are disgusting. Compare this to the words of people who actually knew Amanda, who speak nothing but lovingly about her….ay no se. Me hace sentir tan triste.

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  3. La Mala, La Macha,

    Regarding the hateful comments post-death, I am floored by the inhumanity of it. YOu have also probably read about the suicide of Alexis Pilkington and what the comments were on her FB memoriam page. I saw some of what was said, and the conclusion I draw is that of a serious distrust of the Human Being.

  4. Yea, no reform efforts on the table for these gente who suffer like it’s the 12th century. precisely why so many of us just don’t fuck with the political system unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  5. I met Amanda in Jamaica last year, she was a very friendly and outgoing person, everyone on the resort loved her and she was involved in every activity you could imagine. i had a great time in those 7 days sipping pina coladas for breakfast at 7 am with Amanda and i am so very sorry for her parents loss. May she rest in peace.

  6. Ay thank you for sharing this memory of her. I have actually read a few comments from people across the net of people who met Amanda under various circumstances and all of them talk about her energy and love of life. May she find justice and peace.

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