Oh, Ricky, you so fine!

(EDITED) La Bianca posted her own thoughts on Ricky coming out right as I did–so there’s sorta a double post–but I’m gonna leave both of them up because both contain different perspectives. What I am going to do, in the interest of cutting down on the post length is edit out Ricky’s coming out message on mine–so if you want to read it, go to Bianca’s post, here!

Well, after years of speculation, it’s finally happened–Ricky Martin has come out. And here I was thinking I was a cynical as they come. His announcement brought me to tears and got me singing.


I’m really surprised at the strong reaction this brought up in me. It’s like all the questions and conflicts and fear and even terror I experienced as a kid–worried that somebody would find out what I was *really* thinking about–It’s like all that got washed away today. All the people who told that innocent 10-year-old that only succia white girls were lesbians–just got told. All the asshole macho men I grew up around who treated me like the only I was good for was pussy and cooking just got told. In the sweetest, kindest, most honest and humble way possible. You can be Latino, you can be kind and compassionate to human beings and be motivated by love for your hijos–AND QUEER–all wrapped up in one.

To Ricky–VIVA!
To all the queer Latino kids out there who have never had the words before–here they are: queer, Latino, love.


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