19 Years Without Justice for Young Dominican Killed in NYC Hate Crime

Madre Doninicana Altagracia Mayi with a Bullhorn Screaming for Justice While the trial against those who are accused of murdering Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero wages on in Long Island, the memory of Manny Mayi Jr. and the relentless search for justice by his mother, Altagracia, is a reminder to the Latino community, and all communities that there is no expiration date in the struggle for our children.

March in Memory of Manuel Mayi Killed Brutally by a Racist Group

108th Street and 36th Avenue
(7 train to 111th Street)
March 27th, 2010
Manny was an 18-year-old Queens College honor student, Manny Mayi, was murdered in a racist attack on March 29, 1991. The young Dominican man was walking home in, what was then, the Italian section of Corona Queens when a gang of white youth chased him down 108th street. Manny’s life ended 16 blocks later when he was beat with pipes and baseball bats. The medical report listed as the cause of death: fracture of skull, and contusions of the brain due to blunt force impact.

A report released by the Justice Committee found that police refused to drive around witnesses who wanted to identify the gang members who allegedly committed the violent act. The report also says police failed to secure a key witness and allowed her to flee the country; in addition, the D.A. postponed the case 47 times and did not keep the family informed about any developments. Of the three arrested, Joseph Celso was the only one who stood trial, but was soon acquitted.

We want to put pressure on the city, state and federal government showing that someone killed in the hands of racism will not be tolerated!!! Please join this family’s fight for EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.

Rally at 2pm where Manny was killed and step off to march at 3pm.

Justice Committee, P.O. Box 1885 NY NY 10159-1885
(212) 614-5343

On a more personal note, this happened in a neighborhood I grew up in and the neighborhood where my children grew up in. Altragracia Mayi came to my older daughter’s first birthday party. This is history, this is the future of my children, this is familia.

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