One Reason to March for America : Immigrant Health Care Needs Excuded in Reform Bill

In just a few days the March for America will jump off and thousands of gente from comunidades across the country will arrive in D.C.. Each person will have their own individual story and reason for being there and some of the messages will even conflict pero the unifying message is justicia for migrantes and their familias.

I will be highlighting over several posts some reasons why people are heading to D.C., including why I am going, and even some issues I have with the rally itself.

One reason to attend the March for America is to demand that immigrants not be ignored when it comes to health care reform.
In recent posts here at VivirLatino, La Macha has been pointing out how the current immigration and health care system fail immigrants, especially mujeres. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), who was poised as the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Champion, has been taking heat for saying that he won’t support the current health care reform proposal on the Senate floor because it prevents undocumented immigrants from using their own money to buy into the health care exchanges.

Wait, aren’t Republicans supposed to be against telling peeps what to do with their money?
When you’re an immigrant, I guess the rules are different.

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