Including LatiNegr@s In Black History Month

Regardless of your position on the allocation of months to highlight specific racial and ethnic groups, I think many of us can agree that LatiNegr@s are often not included as much as we can be in Latino Heritage Month and Black History Month. As a result, several writers/bloggers (many of whom are self-identified LatiNegr@s/Afro-Caribeños/Afro-Latinos) have joined together to help compliment any curriculum/celebrations/rituals/commemorations/etc. that people have planned for Black History Month to include LatiNegr@s.

It all started when I posted a list of LatiNegr@s To Look Out For In 2010.  I began to talk with writer and poet Anthony about how so many of us don’t know our history, how we are omitted, and the need for recognition and representation. We decided to create a virtual project on our own online homes as well as create a communal space for discussion, engagement, and knowledge production. We’ve announced the project in various spaces and hope people will self-select to participate in whatever ways they are most comfortable/able. Here are the goals of the project:

As the formal US focus on Black History Month (February 1-28/9) is upon us we seek to celebrate all of the peoples who have influence and history via the African Diasporas. Expanding the inclusively of Black History Month is a goal for several of us, self-identified LatiNeg@s, Afro-Latinos and Afro-Caribeños. As people who recognize and claim the African heritage and history, we have often been excluded from US History, whether it be Black history or Latino history (Septermber 15-October 15). Join us in honoring and recognizing LatiNegr@s this year during Black and Latino History Month. We are Black, Latino and from the Caribbean. We REPRESENT!

Please share any images, videos, quotes, websites, links etc. you’d like to include on this page. Go to to submit what you’d like to contribute.

Inspired by Maegan’s creation of the 30 Days of Latino Heritage Tumblr (I hope you contributed!) we’ve created a LatiNegr@s Tumblr where you may submit any video, foto, quote, link, resource for an inclusive, and hopefully, comprehensive representation of LatiNegr@s. Submissions are subject to our approval.

Online individuals/groups/spaces that are participating in this grassroots project and will be either featuring posts discussing various contributions, perspectives, and politics about LatiNegr@s or sharing on the Tumblr page include (and this is just a handful! If interested let us know and I’ll update the list):

Inside My Head

Latino Sexuality

Like A Whisper


Efrain’s Corner

Chronicles of the American Pupusa

If you would like to participate please do so and send us your information here or via the LatiNegr@s Tumblr page where you can submit something. Shameless plugs for your blogs/online homes, quotes from past/current writing, fotos you’ve taken or that inspire you are all welcome! You may post anonymously on the Tumblr page if you choose.

In solidarity.

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