Washington D.C. Passes Gay Marriage Legislation

marriage1In good news, the city legislature in D.C. just voted to legalize same-sex marriages!

City lawmakers voted this afternoon to legalize same-sex marriages, making the District of Columbia the fifth jurisdiction in the country to have its elected legislature pass such a measure.

“Today is the final step in a long march toward equality in the District of Columbia,” said At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson, who shepherded the bill through the D.C. Council.

The council now will present the bill for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s signature, which is likely to come Thursday. Once the bill is signed, it will be transmitted to Congress, where it will await the end of a 30-legislative-day review period.

The thing I’m wondering about this vote: I heard about the vote not on any LGBT site or from the mouth of Dan Savage. I heard about it from all the peeps I follow on facebook. Which immediately made me wonder: Why is it when the failure of a pro-marriage vote can be blamed on communities of color, we never hear the end of it–but when the passage of pro-marriage legislation can be directly attributed to communities of color, we never hear about it at all?

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