Gay Rican Teen found brutally murdered

This news is just so sad and horrific and enraging.


“On November 14 the body of a gay 19 year old was found a few miles away from the town in which he was residing in called Caguas. He was a very well known person in the gay community of Puerto Rico, and very loved. He was found on the site of an isolated road in the city of Cayey, he was partially burned, decapitated, and dismembered, both arms, both legs, and the torso. This has caused a huge reaction from the gay community here, but its a difficult situation. Never in the history of Puerto Rico has a murder been classified as a hate crime. Even though we have to follow federal mandates and laws, many of the laws in which are passed in the USA such as Obama’s new bill, do not always directly get practiced in Puerto Rico. The police agent that is handling this case said on a public televised statement that ‘people who lead this type of lifestyle need to be aware that this will happen’. As If the boy murdered Jorge Steven Lopez was asking to get killed…”

May peace be with Jorge Steven Lopez and VL sends so much love and support to his family and loved ones during this horrible time. VL will keep you updated on any actions that happen.

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  1. May he rest in peace and not be forgotten. This is a terrible crime and the attitude of the police is not much better. No one at all is deserving of this. Especially not for their sexual orientation.

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  4. Anyone who would do such a like is discusting. Going around killing someone for not being what society tells them they have to be is wrong. And for the police to say “he was waiting to me killed” is so wrong. I hope they catch who ever did this. May he rest in peace

  5. you play in a world you don’t understand and the surprise you find makes you lose control of your senses and you commit a hate crime and begin a landslide of changes in a place where you think can remain untouched by who?… ignorance is not bliss… just ignorant.

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