The Annual I Hate Columbus Day Post

The irony isn’t lost on me. Colombus Day, aka Dia de la Raza, aka Dia de Hispanidad, is the anniversary of VivirLatino’s launching so happy four year anniversary to us and to you all of our loyal readers who have been with us through transitions and shifts. I am proud of the site we are becoming. That said, I don’t know if I am getting old or if it has to do with fatigue that I feel from every damn year having to send a note to my older daughter’s teacher about how fucked up their history classes are (although this year has been different), pero I find my tolerance level lowered in terms of my reaction to the holiday.

Let’s just look at the way Columbus Day is marketed by big retailers who make the day about “discovering” great bargains.

I couldn’t find a version the Macy’s commercial that has been running on TV for the past few days but the picture above is related. Just like in the picture, in the TV ad, fairly “white looking” people, including a child, wear “explorer” hats made of newspaper and using old fashioned telescopes to conquer stores.

In my email inbox on Friday, office supply retailer Staples invited me to “Save like it’s 1492″ . Does that mean I just can take over the whole store?

This morning on my local Fox station (surprise) they announced that to celebrate the opening the Rockefeller Center today, there is someone dressed as Columbus handing out Italian flag cookies or some shit like that. I still want to know why so many in the Italian community look to Columbus or choose this day to celebrate their pride?

I’m gonna be on the look out for more Columbus Day marketing. In the meantime hop over here and read an old Columbus Day poem by yours truly.

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