Fake ICE Agent Kidnaps Infant, “Misrepresenting how the Government Works or Behaves in this Country”

ALeqM5jmKc6IsGwelpJZpUA6AiJRxvKq2gFour day old Yair Anthony Carrillo and his mother, Maria Gurrolla of Nashville, Tennessee were doubly victimized by the fear that is the current immigration system in the United States on Tuesday, when the infant was kidnapped by a woman claiming to be an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent.

The fake official slashed Gurrolla after she initially refused to hand over the child though in the end Carillo was taken away from her.

As if having your newborn child violently taken from your arms weren’t traumatic enough, enter Yuri Cunza, president of Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and publisher of La Noticia, a Spanish language newspaper in Nashville who instead of connecting the long history of how immigration enforcement separates parents from their children, from Elvira Arellano to Cirila Baltazar Cruz, asks Latino immigrants communities to trust law enforcement and other state agencies who act as de facto ICE agents.

“I am really concerned about the possibility of newborn babies and Hispanic women can be targeted because of a level of vulnerability,” Cunza said…

Cunza said that the suspect posing as an immigration officer will create a chilling effect for Hispanics who regularly interact with immigration authorities. “It is misrepresenting how the government works or behaves in this country,” he said.

From Postville to Patchogue, the cries of immigrant mothers and children tell what is just another day on the job for those who continue to terrorize Latino immigrant communities and the carriers of hate who spread their racist gospel via the mainstream media. It is why children at a young age learn to stay close to their mothers in immigrant communities and maintain a low gaze in the presence of law enforcement. It doesn’t even matter if the ICE badge is real or not, just ask el espiritu de Brisenia Flores and her father. Yair Anthony Carrillo, with four days on this earth, is learning how to live in fear when he should be in his mother’s loving care and Latina motherhood is criminalized and victimized.

Updated: Late last night, after I wrote this post, Yair was found safe.

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7 comments on “Fake ICE Agent Kidnaps Infant, “Misrepresenting how the Government Works or Behaves in this Country”
  1. I completely agree with you that the fact is that the state does victimize these women and abduct their children. What the crazy blond woman did is no different at all from what a real immigration official would do.

    And in fact that has played out. Have you seen the follow up news?


    “The newborn was found safe, but after a brief reunion, state officials took the baby away from Gurrolla again, along with her other three children.”

    Yes, this is correct. The State of Tennessee has now “legally” abducted all 4 of her children and transferred them to foster care. As a poor immigrant of uncertain status, she dare not fight back, and has no legal representation as she can not afford it, while the woman who stabbed her and stole her baby gets free legal representation courtesy of the taxpayers.

  2. Are you crazy? You’re trying to draw a parallel between those that enforce immigration law, and some crazy person who broke not only the law, but the boundaries of human decency. That is totally irresponsible and only creates more hatred toward those that risk their lives every day to make this country the most desirable place in the world to live.

  3. The US does not rank very high as far as desirability to live. Education and medical care are both substandard, as is the lack of basic freedoms. With the Posse Commitatus Act being repealed and federal military troops marching through the streets of our cities, the US has recently become one of the more repressive countries.

    On the latest UN Human Development index, the US ranks #13.

    Average life span of a Lakota Indian is 35. Average life expectancy of a black person in New Orleans is the same as a citizen of North Korea where people are starving and cannibalism of one’s own children is not unheard of.

  4. Given that there are about 200 countries in the world, #13 isn’t too bad. Granted, there are things that we do right and things we do wrong. However, comparing a kidnapping psychopath to a law enforcement officer is just wrong. Raising a generation of kids to fear and hate law enforcement is a dangerous prospect. If you see a problem, fix it, but don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

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