Those Crazy Gringos Videos

Seems like racist white people in the media are getting alot of attention this week from various organizations and websites and some of that negative attention is well deserved. But negative, reactive pressure against some of these crazy gringos is only as effective as the values and goals behind them.

Our first video link is the latest edition of News with Nezua : Crazy Old White Guys.

News With Nezua | Crazy Old White Guys from nezua on Vimeo.

I already told you about the Basta Dobbs campaign. America’s Voice launched their own campaign aimed against Lou Dobbs. They are seeking donations to help buy ad space countering Lou Dobbs and his hate speech. (full disclosure: they have purchased ad space on VL).

Every weeknight, CNN airs one full hour of Hate TV — it’s called, “Lou Dobb’s Tonight.”

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  1. serious tho. im tired of being tapped into as if they dont have a budget and my time is expendable. ad money is good. makes sense. but no more free consultation, free blogging etc. nah. if its worth something, its worth something, nahmeeeeen? :D

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