Health care debate gets worse and worse

Mala already pointed out the horrible way this health care debate has turned on immigrants–even the “good” immigrants here legally that we all “don’t have a problem with.” Now, news if floating around about how the proposed legistlation that is most likely to pass through both houses of Congress just so happens to not have the public option, AND imposes pretty harsh fines on those who don’t have insurance:

With some exceptions for very low-income individuals and those with religious objections, the Baucus proposal would require that individuals buy health insurance every year.

The penalty for not buying insurance would be a fine running as high as $3,800 a year for a family that makes more than 300% of the federal poverty level. For families that forgo coverage and make less than that, the fine would be $1,500. The fines for individuals would be, respectively, $950 and $750.

I feel like I’m in bizarro world. At one time within the past few weeks, I desperatly wanted this health thing to pass. I very rarely get involved in mainstream politic-y type organizing because I feel it accomplishes so little–but health care for all? Even my oh, so, radical butt has been signing petitions and talking with family members about why they need this.

But now, as more and more bad news keeps coming in, the only thing I can think is that my family can’t afford to buy ANY insurance–we’re living on a shoestring budget as it is. We also can’t afford to pay any of those fines–and what’s more, we shouldn’t have to. This is where I am just libertarian enough to say, if I don’t won’t to buy fucking health insurance, ain’t no government on earth gonna make me.

Living in a state that has unemployment around 15% (and when you figure in underemployed and those who have stopped looking for work, it’s closer to 25%), that any elected official is even considering a bill like this is laughable–no, actually, it’s more criminal.

Because we all know who is benefiting off of requiring health insurance–with no public option. And I’ll give you a clue, it’s not me, it’s not you, and it sure isn’t the Grandma we were all so concerned about a week ago.

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3 comments on “Health care debate gets worse and worse
  1. class war rising/forced mass tithing/poor keep writhing and it
    won’t be much longer/the illusion-mongers/can sustain their vision/this corrupted division

  2. it
    won’t be much longer/the illusion-mongers/can sustain their vision/this corrupted division

    I dunno, Nez…there are just so darned many places in the world where people at the top successfully sustain corrupted division quite well over decades and decades. Or at least it seems. :-(


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