Prison Riot in California is reporting that serious rioting broke out at the California Institution for Men in Chino, California last night.

More than 250 inmates were injured in a riot that erupted overnight at the California Institution for Men in Chino, a spokesman said Sunday.

Flames leap from a housing unit at a prison in Chino, California, on Saturday night.

Fifty-five inmates were taken to area hospitals with serious injuries, said Lt. Mark Hargrove, prison spokesman.

None of the facility’s employees was hurt in the melee, which broke out at about 8:20 p.m. Saturday at the Reception Center West facility, Hargrove said. The situation was under control by 7 a.m. Sunday, he said.

The scene of the violence was the medium-security housing facility with seven units, each of which houses about 200 inmates, he said.

Some 80 officers responded to the riot, during which a housing unit was heavily damaged by fire, he said.

Guards used pepper spray, “less lethal force, and lethal force options” to regain control, Hargrove said in a written statement.

The institution was placed on lockdown pending an investigation of the cause of the fighting, and visiting privileges were suspended.

I have friends that are both prison guards and prisoners. So when I hear news like this I get very anxious. I want both the guards and the prisoners to be safe, and yet it always seems like it’s the prisoners that are subject to “lethal force options.”

I hope that all involved people, including the prisoners, are ok. That everybody survived with the least amount of trauma.

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  2. Its about time prisoners start to riot, over the last several years the courts have diminished an inmate’s rights of access to the court, which is one forum in which to voice their concerns, and the prison grievance procedure is biased because all decisions are made by prison officials. I know of no prison officials who will go against others. Prison officials should stop takining away inmate’s way of voicing their opinions or limiting it, and give them more to do so they don’t have as much idle times on their hands.

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