Alberto Gonzales Emerges from the Shadows to Teach You a Lesson

gonzales-and-bushJust when you thought it was safe to go back to school after summer vacation: ex-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is back and he wants to be your professor. At least that’s what the fine young men and women of Texas Tech have to look forward to this coming school year. According to, Gonzales will teach the course “Contemporary Issues in the Executive Branch,” and will also help the university recruit Latino students. Um…yeah…

While he may have been heckled at the University of Florida back in 2007, it appears that Albertito is beyond all that now and ready to take on his new post:

“I am long past the time of worrying about criticism,” said Gonzales, 53, in a Tuesday evening telephone interview.

“When you are involved in the most controversial issues of the day, you draw some criticism,” he said. “I am excited to be in an environment where ideas are debated. I will open a dialogue for a discussion about the policies of the previous administration.”

Be sure to check out Andrew Cohen’s CourtWatch blog for some cutting commentary on the new “Professor Gonzales”.

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