It’s Viernes! A Mover el Culito Rican Weekend Edition

I’m really exhausted of being spoken to as if I were an idiot, and of debates as to who is more down, more Rican, more this more that. So, in honor of Rican Weekend, which is the Festival de la 116 tomorrow and the Puerto Rican Day Parade Sunday, here’s some Pleneros de la 21, who have a whole series of events this weekend that you can read about after the jump.

Friday, June 12th 2009

Taíno Towers’ Crystal Room
240 E. 123rd St (btwn 3rd & 2nd Aves.) 4th Floor, NY, NY 10035

Featuring a special treat:
DJ “Happy Hour” Sneak Preview: 6 – 8 pm
{{ Includes Admission & Complimentary Plena dance/percussion class }}

Full Program with live music: 8 – 11pm

Bring your PANDEROS & DANCING SHOES to our “GOZA Y BAILA LA PLENA” summer jam of – a concert/dance series celebrating la plena in its richness, vitality and diversity – featuring live music of original songs and new arrangements by LP21 and special invited guests! Food, Beverages &Artesanías also available for purchase!

TICKETS ON SALE NOW, contact us today for your or for more information on family/group rates:
212.427.5221 /

~ at ~
(2241 1st Avenue at 115th Street, El Barrio NY 10035)

June 13th 2009, 9:30 pm

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One comment on “It’s Viernes! A Mover el Culito Rican Weekend Edition
  1. The coverage for the NY Puerto Rican Day parade was horrible.

    The lack of understanding of the culture by your correspondents of (My9 & Fox 5), their lack of understanding of Spanish made the Puerto Ricans that were interviewed look ignorant. You lost a great opportunity to interview great artists and regular Latinos. You guys have covered the parade so many years, how did such an important detail like having correspondents that could speak Spanish and understand who is who in the Latino community. Your only Latina correspondent did not even know Spanish correctly.

    An example of your failure, during Calle 13=B9s (Renea=B9s) interview, your broadcaster did not even know who he was when he was and introduced him as performing when he was actually sitting next to her.

    How could the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Fox 5 & My9 prevent from doing due diligence by finding appropriate correspondents to cover the parade? Even if it mean using college students to be roving reporters.
    This could have been a great initiative to find 5 correspondents to cover
    the parade in the year previous which would have helped you build promotions towards the parade.

    A possible solution would have been to use the correspondents on
    American Latino TV and Latination since you air both shows on your channel.

    Know that Latinos and Americans watch your channel and you have let them down by a lack of planning and consideration.


    Cesar N. Feliciano

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