Jessica Alba loves sharks and posing

Yes, yes, yes, little Ms. Radical Macha loves the shit out of radical activists–including those that may or may not plaster photos of Gloria Anzaldua all over public property (ahem). So, my respect for Jessica I-may-or-may-not-like-being-Mexican-I’m-not-sure-yet Alba went up considerably when I read that she had done some vandalizing in the name of animal rights.

But then I read that I-believe-in-animal-rights-but-I-do-so-love-to-get-my-picture-taken Alba, well, was photographed doing her vandalizing–and that she even posed for the camera as well….and I was not quite so impressed any more.

Jessica Alba left many citizens of Oklahoma City seeing red white last week, when she blanketed the downtown area guerrilla-style with posters of great white sharks as part of an underground effort to draw attention to the predators’ dwindling population.

Unfortunately, the actress’ secret mission was outed yesterday, when photos of her plastering the posters around the city—and posing victoriously in front of a defaced United Way billboard—wound up online.

Ai, Jessica…I do so want to love you and hold you in my bosom. But you make it so difficult in so many ways. I must say though, I do like your hat.

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  3. now seriously, this seems like any other kid posing w/ they are flyering/ doing shit around towns. Are the photos professional?

  4. naw, not that i know of. i think that you are right that it’s just like any other person out doing shit like this–it’s just that she’s famous. and how on earth could she think that the pictures wouldn’t become public? which–to go along with that, how on earth could she think that they wouldn’t be made public–thus forcing her to either take a stand and say fuck you, I did do that shit and I’m not ashamed to admit it–OR, doing what she did, which is totally back down and apologize thereby making her protest be about little more than some celebrity acting out rather than a celebrity bringing attention to a really fucking important cause? you see what I mean? that’s what i was getting at with this post, not so much that “ai, jessica you’re so stupid for posing” but more “ai, jessica, you’re so stupid for posing *because* you know that this is going to get you attention and you will either have to stand up and fight or back down and apologize–and you aren’t all that famous for standing up and fighting”

    which I totally didn’t say at all in the post. really unfleshed out shit. why can’t people read my mind, damn it????/

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