Verdict in Angie Zapata Case : Guilty

Allen Ray Andrade was found guilty of the first degree murder and of bias motivated crime charges. He was sentenced to life without parole.
Here is what the family of Angie Zapata had to say following the announcement of the verdict:

Watching this made me cry. While the verdict is a legal victory it certainly can’t feel like justice to a family that will never have their daughter/sister/aunt back. While the verdict proved that attempts to make transpanic a legitimate excuse for violence against women failed, the verdict doesn’t make it safer for transwomen, especially transwomen of color to live without fear. Media ignored this case in my opinion and in doing so doubly victimized and silenced Angie, her family, and entire communities.

Speaking of silencing, Pam has another great post about how mainstream GLB media didn’t report on the case or the trial.

Is a recently murdered Angie Zapata viewed as less useful to the cause than Matthew Shepard, for instance? Does the lurid nature of the heinous crime make it appear less sympathetic in some way to media decisionmakers, who feel mainstream (read: straight) audiences will identify less with a Latina transgender victim than one who is a blond gay white young man? Honestly, if it’s the latter, you’d get no one to admit it anyway, because, well, that would be callous, right?

This led to many LGB media tripping over themselves to apologize for not covering the case.
Autumn did a great job covering the trial and deserves all the props she’s gotten.
Pero on the same tip where was the Latino media, both mainstream and not in covering Angie’s story? The Latino blogosphere and Latino orgs jump on stories when an immigrant is killed or attacked in a hate crime. Where were orgs like the NCLR and where are their statements? Are we as Latinos still so uncomfortable, still so transphobic that we can’t discuss, report, speak on cases like Angie’s? Was she not as much a part of the Latino community as Marcelo Lucero for example.

Just as LGBT media and orgs cannot ignore or scapegoat the Latino community when it comes to issues like marriage equity, Latino media and orgs cannot ignore how homophobia and transphobia, however internalized, allow us to not give the same weight to the death of a trans latina mujer as we give to a racist hate crime.

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  1. Right on Maegan. I kept looking around waiting to hear some outrage somewhere about this from the big latin@ groups, and I never heard a damn thing. Are we supposed to believe that the death of a latina that challenged the boundaries of gender in COLORADO has no relevence to the immigration at all?

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  3. And it’s funny Macha, well funny in a sad way anyway, how when Angie was killed and up to now, the verdict of her killer, there was never a question in my mind as to if this was something that should be covered/written/about discussed. And it didn’t hit me till this morning when I was reading coverage on the verdict that the big Latino orgs and big Latino bloggers have been silent on the issue. And the more I think on it the angrier it makes me

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