Add This to Fujimori’s Crimes : Mass Sterilizations

Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori was found guily of human rights violations, specifically the deaths of 25 people during his administration, torture and kidnapping. The guilty verdict earned Fujimori 25 years in prison, a sentence that his daughter Keiko said during an interview with Jorge Ramos on Univision’s Al Punto was equivalent to a life sentence due to his age. While Alberto Fujimori plans an appeal and his daughter is thinking of running for president, another one of his war crimes hasn’t been brought up, mass sterilizations of indigenous women and men.

During Fujimori’s time in office hundreds of thousands of Andean women were “threaded” or given hysterectomies, many against their will. Health clinics would open in rural villages, sometimes accompanied by military bands and dancing. Posters would appear all over the countryside urging family planning. but family planning wasn’t about access to birth control for the Fujimori regime. It was about stopping indigenous people from having children at all.

There is a nearly half hour documentary on this here.

Women were coerced, lied to, and forced to be sterilized, sometimes being told that if they didn’t get their tubes tied, the government would stop giving food to their children. Nurses in hospitals had sterilization quotas to meet. When women in a village were sterilized, some of the nurses who helped in the operations were also forced to be sterilized or else lose their jobs, which they usually did anyway.

This was not just a rural phenomenon, women in the cities who went into hospitals for c-sections would come out sterilized.

The sterilization was part of a larger secret plan, Plan Verde, whose purpose was to exterminate certain portions of Peru’s population to encourage the development of the nation.

And who paid for all this?

Sterilization of women of color globally is not a new phenomenon, we have seen it in Puerto Rico and here in the U.S. among Native communities.

Keiko Fujimori, on Al Punto, said her father fought against terrorism in Peru with peace. Keiko was never strapped down to a table and had her reproductive organs removed against her will as hundreds of thousands in Peru were while her father was president.

Peace comes with justice

Via / Global Voices, Gran Combo Club, Insight TV.

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