Jueves Jodienda : Can We Please Leave Nadya Suleman Alone?

california-octopulets-mom-nadya-sulema-nadya-suleima-pictureMarch is Women’s History Month. In a few days International Working Women’s Day will be celebrated and yet this morning what do I see in my news feed? More demonization of Nadya Suleman, this time painting her as the stereotype criminal/negligent mother.

As a mother of two children, I have had moments of lost children and kids locking themselves in rooms (in fact this just happened to me the other night). I know the frantic desperation these moments can invoke in moms and yet every single moment of Nadya Suleman’s life in the mami’hood is under a microscope. I write mami’hood instead of mommyhood because Suleman isn’t being afforded the benefit of the doubt, the idea that mothering is hard work, especially if you are the mother of multiple children, are poor, and/or are a mother of color. Our experiences are ghettoized, othered, seen as aberrations of what “real motherhood” should look/be like.

Octuplet mother Nadya Suleman became unhinged with fear last year when she thought she had lost one of her children, repeatedly telling an emergency dispatcher, “Oh God, I’m going to kill myself,” according to a recording of her 911 call released Wednesday by police.

Police and the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services visited Suleman’s home in July in response to a complaint that the children appeared poorly cared for, but both agencies determined the complaint was unfounded.

Suleman, in an interview with RadarOnline.com, said the neighbor who alerted police was unhappy because her family was loud and she allowed her children to play in the mud.

Police also once visited the home to let a child out of a locked bedroom.

The mass media with their hysteria making (beware of the single poor mami!!!) fails to make any analysis of how law enforcement and social service agencies have historically been used against families of color, have taken children away without real reason.

Oh no, she let her children play in the mud!!!

Yeah let’s worry about that instead of how she and so many other mothers will feed their children, clothe their children, get healthcare for their children, house their children. These are things I, a single mami of two worry about and millions of other mami’s worry about. Pero look, over there, it’s Angelina Jolie. Move along, nothing to see here.

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  2. I am so tired of all the nonsense!! Everyone needs to leave this poor woman alone!! All of the press and publicity is going to make their lives hell. The older kids are probably having a hard time because of all the terrible people out their saying horrible things about their mother and her choices. They are probably hearing things from kids at school and everywhere else and it is hurting them. And when these kids act up or act out about their frustration everyone will blame it on Nayda….yet who’s fault will it be really?? I say it is the fault of the American people putting their nose where it does not belong!! Give this woman a chance to do what she needs to do as a mother. Give her a chance at as normal life as possible for her and her children. So we may not all agree with her choices…but I am sure that everyone does not agree with all of my choices and I am sure I do not agree with all of yours. AMERICA….GET OVER IT AND LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!

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