Children of Undocumented Ask Obama Where’s the Change?

ice-raid112 year old N. was excited about what the Obama presidency would bring to her family. So was 15 year old J. Both students, U.S. citizens living in NYC, have undocumented parents. So you can understand the anger when N. was doing her Social Studies homework and came across the news that the same night President Obama was making a national speech about change, Immigration and Customs Enforcement interrupted the lives of 28 workers in Bellingham, Washington. N. felt betrayed.

“They arrived in force,” said Asiff Dhanani, a co-owner of the company at 2020 E. Bakerview Road. “They surrounded the whole perimeter.”

Most of the workers detained were taken off in handcuffs, Dhanani said, except for three women who apparently were processed and released because they had children in local schools or daycare centers. The 28 made up about one-third of the engine remanufacturing company’s production force.

12 year old N. wisely told me yesterday: ” I know Obama has to deal with the economy but in the meantime he should stop arresting working people until he fixes immigration”

From the mouths of babes.

We must tell the Obama Administration: Stop the Raids, Pass Just and Humane Immigration Reform

CALL the WHITE HOUSE NOW- 202-456-1414 and tell President Barack Obama:

* The raid in Washington state is unacceptable, and hurts all of our communities.
* He must stop the raids, and pass comprehensive immigration reform – NOW!

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