Are we supposed to be stunned by Ms. Aniston’s nakedness? Impressed? First of all, Salmita can kick Ms. Aniston’s ass at any time. Thank you. Second of all–are we as a culture so freaking denied that a *picture* of a naked woman turns us all into bumbling fools that masturbate behind big desks (Matt Lauer, get a damn grip)? It’s a naked chick, my friends. If you haven’t seen one recently, please surf some porn and calm down.

Third, is there some reason why classy pictures of near naked *women of color* are not fawned over to this extreme? I mean, the last ‘fawning’ came in the form of Jessica Alba’s “fat” body being downsized for a post-baby shoot. What kind of fawning in that? Oh, and I guess that JLo got some good press off her ass–but what happened to the rest of her body?

Will women of color ever be “known” for their whole bodies AND their work AND their complete and total sexiness?

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3 comments on “OMG SHE’S NAKED!!!!
  1. Well this my lovely Machita goes to the point of why I started blogging to begin with, because we as woc were not seen as the sum of our parts but just parts that somehow never get connected.

  2. but just parts that somehow never get connected.
    *exactly* perfectly said!

    And Erwin–ha! I think you find that I will ALWAYS prioritize my naked pictures in such a manner! :-)

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